Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Everyone Should Own Their Shit... Except Girl Writes What

Girl Writes What, Karen Straughan, has recently written a blog post in response to my videos that have called her self-proclaimed academic prowess and expertise in multiple subjects requiring some academic heft into question.

She presents herself as an authority within the MRM on various subjects such as anthropology, sociology, biology, and psychology. She does so while being quite proud of the fact that she never got past the first semester in college, twice, and admits that most of what she presents as fact is actually nothing but pure speculation:

Yes Karen, it takes a lot of practice to be a two time failure and be proud of it, as well as a great deal of cognitive dissonance

Oh, so what you present is not actually truthful or factual then Karen? So why do you present your conjecture in a way that comes across as fact with a disclaimer that uses words to hide what you really mean? Why not say things like "I am not qualified to give an informed opinion, but I did read XYZ here (citation), and encourage you to read it for yourself because I am not an expert in the field", instead of using terms that imply that you are stating things as having been examined by someone with academic heft, when clearly you are not an academic or qualified to examine anything remotely scientific?

Yes Karen. You are the Alexander Fleming of our time aren't you? Oh wait... But he was a biologist, pharmacologist, and botanist who wrote peer reviewed articles on bacteriology, immunology, and chemotherapy... Oh wait, on second thought, perhaps you are more like the guy who sells the Sham-Wow.

Look Karen, the bottom line is that you peddle your bullshit under the guise of someone who knows what the hell she is talking about. You pretend to have academic heft and professional training by omission. You were just hoping no one would put a lens to your 'work', but as with all pseudo-intellectuals it was just a matter of time before you ran out of rope.

The fact of the matter is that you are just butthurt that I am calling you out, and that Paul had promoted me into the position of Canadian News Director and Senior editor when he did. By the way, how are you doing as the new Canadian News Director and Senior Editor? Oh wait... My bad.

Sadly, all you can respond with are personal attacks on my children and assumptions about my mental health based on your expertise as an armchair psychologist. Who is throwing the tantrum now Karen?

As much as I dislike you, Paul or others, I would never, ever stoop so low as to attack someone's children. How can you even justify that as any kind of rational or professional way to handle something you disagree with? You can direct as many insults you like at me, I am a big girl and can take it, but to attack my children? Oh Karen... How low you have sunk. I truly pity you.

And not only that, but you insulted my ex, who is heavily involved in our children's lives and who insists on paying child support for them because he loves his children to death, and my new husband who you accuse of collecting disability benefits when he in fact owns his own business and works from home with me. Nice try at painting me as some welfare queen who takes men for a ride.

Projecting your inadequacies and failures in life onto others, and making shit up (although you are quite skilled at that) does not make you look very credible Karen. For someone who wants desperately to be taken seriously, and to become famous in an upcoming documentary on the MRM and AVFM, I don't think your childish meltdown is going to help you very much.

All I have done is poke holes in your already shoddy work. Don't shoot the messenger. Put on your big girl panties and own your shit Karen. You know, the things you love to tell others to do. Try to have some self-respect and integrity, and perhaps you'll come out only mildly stinking of shit.

Oh, by the way, is there some way you can prove you do indeed write your own work, since you "script" your supposed substantive videos? I mean it is quite obvious you are an excellent liar, so to question your ability to even have written your own material seems quite reasonable doesn't it?