Monday, 24 June 2013

Paul Elam steps in his shit once again

In a previous post I had put up a screenshot of one of Paul Elam's temper tantrums on AVFM which was directed at Stardusk.

Some of the commenters on that post were quite upset at the way Paul had addressed Stardusk by 'shaming him':

Oh dear... Could Kevin have struck a nerve with Paul? No more donations? But that can't be why Paul changed the whole original post from this:

To this:

Or is it?

Seems that Paul has decided to completely erase the original post in which he pitches a tantrum, and replace it with the new one on the exact same day of the commencement of his Summer 2013 Donation Drive. How convenient... And timely.

But that is not all.

Paul insists, in the new post, that the original post he had put up "was intended to look a lot more satirical than it does in retrospect".

Really Paul? It wouldn't perhaps have been Typhon who gave you that idea for a pathetic excuse to use to excuse your tantrum would it?

But of course Paul cannot help but step in his own shit and trip over his own lies can he?

So what is it Paul? That you lost your cool and had a fit, or that you were trying to be satirical? Choose one version and stick with it please. It's easier to keep track of your bullshit when you don't keep putting so much of it out there.

Oh, and just an FYI from your former senior editor... If you are going to issue an apology, or attempt to correct an error you made, you issue what is called a retraction. You do not erase an original post and replace it with a new one in an attempt to cover your tracks. That is considered unethical and dishonest. But then again, I don't expect much in the way of ethics or honesty from you or AVFM, especially when you are in the first days of fleecing your readers for your salary, and that of John Hembling (JtO) now as well.