Sunday, 30 June 2013

The abortion debate - Why it matters for mens rights

I recently had a debate with someone who claims to fight for men's rights on Facebook about this photo that he put up in his feed:

Of course he gave the usual bullshit arguments that it's a baby as soon as conception happens, and that abortion is murder, yadda yadda...

But what he, a supposed MRA, failed to realize that, not only was he advocating for the removal of a woman's right to choose, but that he was also advocating for men never to be able to have legal paper abortions at the same time. He is advocating that men should always be on the hook for children they never wanted and do not wish to be fathers to. He is imposing his beliefs on others, and that is where trouble begins when one allows their religious and personal beliefs to poison the well.

He could not get his head around the simple fact that if you take away a woman's right to choose, you can not then advocate for men to have a right to choose either. You would have to accept the fact that men would be forever forced into fatherhood whether they wanted it or not, which is one of the main issues that MRA's are seeking to legally change. But seeking that right for men would have to stop if we take away a woman's right to have an abortion.

When you are advocating for the rights of one group, you cannot advocate taking away rights from another. It does not work that way and, as you can see from this example, has the real danger of backfiring on what you are advocating for.

If men want things like reproductive rights then men need to stop trying to take away women's reproductive rights. Siding with the Republicans and the religious nuts in the USA is one sure fire way to ensure that men never get any reproductive rights because they (Republicans and religious nuts) are hell bent on taking away women's reproductive rights. These people want to stop legal abortion and take away birth control access. If you think that these things are somehow a good thing, then you need to put down your MRA label and just admit that you are not fighting for equal rights or the rights of men. If you were you would be able to understand that taking away women's reproductive rights will only serve to further cement forced fatherhood on men and permanently remove any possibility for a man's right to choose. You are condemning men to a lifetime commitment they may not want, just as you are trying to do to women by advocating for the removal of their choice.

So here's a tip to all those so-called MRA's out there that think abortion is wrong and should be abolished - Please stop fooling yourself into thinking you are somehow advocating for men's rights. You are not helping men in any way by trying to impose your ridiculous, ill-informed, and ignorant beliefs on women. If you can't understand the simple logic behind this then there really is no hope for you. 

Just admit you are not really fighting for anyone's rights, let alone men's rights. Insisting you are just makes you look more foolish than you already are.