Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Child abusing Homophobes?

This is a group that i was part of on Facebook. I say was because of this nasty homophobic status update that it put out on it's timeline a few days ago:

This comment is just another disgusting example of the rampant homophobia that runs through quite a large portion of the Men's Rights Movement.

Let me be clear that not all Men's Rights Activists or supporters think like this, but many sadly do, and they need to be called out and exposed for the vile and hateful people they are. These people are not interested in equal rights or human rights. They only want a platform from which to spout their hateful message, and what better place than the M(h)RM which refuses to call out people like this and police their own movement. The 'laissez fair' attitude in the MRM will be their ultimate downfall because of their reluctance to be responsible and reject such hate from their movement.

The hateful and homophobic comment was deleted about 30 minutes after it had been posted on their time line. No apology, or explanation. It simply vanished. Amazing isn't it? If they feel so strongly about their gay bashing beliefs, why delete it? Shouldn't you stand up for what you believe in? Of course, when you are a coward and hide behind bigoted bullshit, it's hard to defend a position such as the one CAJ put out isn't it?

As for me, I left that group as soon as I commented on their nasty status and posted the screenshot to my timeline. Sadly many people who I follow, and who follow me are still part of the group, including the (in)famous CAFE group from Toronto who prides itself on being all about equality and human rights etc...

Why anyone would want to be a part of this group if they truly stand for human rights and equality is beyond me. I guess a little trimming of those I follow is in order.