Friday, 23 August 2013

AVFM's web of lies

A young man in his late 20's wakes up one morning to find the police on his doorstep. They arrest him and charge him for rape. The man is confused and bewildered as he has no idea what they are talking about.

He finds out that a girl he met 3 weeks ago at a bar has filed rape charges against him, even though he knows he was never in any type of sexual contact with her at all. In fact she had come on to him and he politely refused her advances. He remembers her being quite upset at his refusal to have sex with her, let alone even kiss her, but he brushed it off as a non issue in the end. Now he has found himself locked up in a jail cell being accused of rape by this woman.

Everyone believes her, even some of his own friends, even though she has no evidence to support her claim. People have come to believe her story even without any evidence. Her story is persuasive and seductive to others. It's an easy and believable story that she has concocted, and she has fooled most people into the typical mob mentality of screaming for justice, of presuming he is guilty based only on her story and her ability to prey on their raw emotions. He is regarded now as the scum of the earth, a vile rapist, and is facing the real possibility of being convicted of a crime he never committed because he has no way of proving her claim of rape is indeed a lie, even though he knows it is. What little evidence he may have is brushed aside because the majority of the people are already completely convinced that he is guilty beyond any doubt. And even if he is not convicted of rape he will always be seen as a rapist to many just because she said he is one regardless of the absence of evidence. The mob has decided his fate even before he gets to plead in front of a judge for his innocence.

Of course this is just a story, but sadly, these types of scenarios happen all too often in real life, and innocent people are burnt at the stake based on nothing but someone else's hatred for them. This is how the Salem Witch Trials went.

These sick individuals have no evidence, let alone proof of a crime having been committed, but they are able to whip the community up into a mad frenzy because they know exactly how to manipulate the masses into believing their story: by preying on their raw emotion and the human tendency to love a good drama. Distrust is easy to sow.

These are people who do not regard others as being human, but rather pawns in some sick game to garner them attention, admiration, and sympathy. They don't care about others and how their actions can lead to real life consequences for the person, and people close to that person, that they are raking over the coals. Their ability for empathy and introspection, as well as morality is basically non-existent and they don't care who they hurt in their mission to be seen as the innocent victim.

People who create witch hunts are sociopaths with no regard for anyone else but themselves. They are extremely dangerous individuals and tend to attract like-minded individuals, or weak-minded individuals who are willing to believe anything they say which makes it even more scary and futile for any who gets caught in their trap.

These types of people are happiest when they destroy lives, disregard logic, rationality, empathy, morality and basic human decency for their own ends. Nothing else matters to these narcissistic sociopaths. They will condemn anyone who disagrees with them and viciously attack anyone who questions their story or motivation. This is why many are afraid to speak out around these people: they fear being the next victim.

Imagine how horrific it would be if you were an innocent victim like the man in the story. Imagine how you would feel if you became the target of a campaign of hate based on nothing but hearsay and mob mentality. Imagine knowing that no matter what you say or do that nothing will convince those people that you are innocent, never mind that you are supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. These people do not think like that. They have already convicted you in the court of public opinion, and no matter what, you will likely be seen as a criminal by many of them for the rest of your life, regardless of the truth or evidence. Imagine that no matter what evidence you put forth you will still be called a criminal - the bearer of a scarlet letter for all time.

I want you to seriously imagine how that would feel if it were you. The reality is that none of us are immune to these evil types of people. There is always the real possibility that it could happen to you one day. What would you do if it did? What would your family and friends do if it happened to you? What would the consequences on their lives be as a result of your being falsely accused? How would your every day life be affected by a false accusation of a serious crime where you had no way to convince those that had already deemed you as guilty that it truly did not happen?

And now you may be asking what the point of this article is. Well it's quite simple really.

A Voice for Men (AVFM), which is the self-proclaimed head of the Men's rights movement, has always held the position that they believe in someone's innocence until they are proven guilty, especially men who are accused of serious crimes like rape. They claim to support these male victims of false rape accusations and they often challenge the public not to deem someone guilty based on only a woman's claim that she was raped without any evidence that she was. They like to pride themselves on being rational, critical thinkers who pursue the truth. They claim they are compassionate and unbiased.

Sadly, they are not any of those things. Recently AVFM has embarked on their own false accusation crusade, headed by Dean Esmay and Paul Elam, against myself (Kristina Hansen), Joe Mendez, and Murray Pearson, claiming that we have stolen over $6K from a donation drive we did in the spring of this year for the Earl Silverman Center. (Here and here). The ESC is a project that we three are working on to build a shelter for male victims of domestic violence and have put many dedicated hours into so that this project can one day become a reality.

However, a few weeks ago I announced on Twitter that I was taking a break from the ESC and that things were on hold:

And for those who are not aware, "Agent Orange" is James Huff, the director for AVFM radio. Surprise!

The reason for that break was for very personal reasons on my end which I do not feel obliged to discuss with anyone other than my immediate family and friends. Another reason for the hold on the ESC project was because Murray Pearson, a close personal friend and the co-founder of the ESC, has a court case coming up in the next 2 weeks over, sadly and ironically over a false allegation- which I am not at liberty to discuss since it is not my place to disclose such information.

This one tweet became some sort of 'proof' to members at AVFM such as Dean Esmay, Paul Elam, Suzanne McCarley, Karen Straughan, Dr. Tara Palmatier, and many of their regular followers that I had stolen the donation money. I have no clue how anyone is able to link my one tweet saying I was taking a break from the ESC for a bit to something so serious as fraud and theft. How does one square that circle? How is taking a break for a short period of time equate to criminal activity? I fail to see how any logical person could even conceive of such stupidity, but we are talking about AVFM and so I should not be surprised at their overactive imaginations, especially when it comes to women since many at AVFM despise women and think they are all evil harpies out to get them.

So now there is a concerted effort, headed by Dean Esmay and Paul Elam, to grind me, Joe, and Murray into the mud with false accusations of theft and fraud based on nothing but one tweet. Yes, ONE TWEET. They are now grasping onto anything and everything to confirm their false and potentially libelous narrative to convince others that we are somehow guilty of a crime that never took place. Sound familiar to the story in the beginning of this article?

The truth is that the crime they are accusing us of, if it were to be investigated, would make them look like idiots because no one has stolen anything. And the audacity of these people to 'demand' any evidence from us is ridiculous since they are the ones accusing us of a crime, the onus is on them to support their claims with evidence, not the other way around.

We do not report to AVFM, nor do we have any obligation to provide them anything. if anything, they have now put themselves in the position of having to prove their allegations are true. Or did they not realize that's how this works? Oh, and that requires real proof and evidence, not just a bunch of out of context quotes, screen shots, and deluded personal opinions.

I would be wary of letting them get their nasty little lying hands on anything that they could twist into more lies and false accusations. They have not shown themselves to be trustworthy in the least, and only a fool would divulge any information to them.

The only people guilty of a crime are those over at AVFM who have, and keep on committing the very real crime of libel. And the more they talk, the deeper into the hole they get.

They are of the opinion that we are guilty based on zero evidence or proof of their false allegations towards us, and they will not stop accusing us and attempting to destroy us for their own amusement unless they wake-up and realize this is not a game, and that libel is a serious crime that can be proven here in a court of law.

We three (Joe, Murray, and myself) are the ones who have put all the work and time into trying to get the ESC up and running. This was and always has been our project, and AVFM decided to promote it of their own volition. No one held a gun to their head and demanded they have anything to do with it. We did not force anyone to donate to the ESC, nor did we ever say we could provide receipts for those donations because we had just begun the project and did not, nor do we to date, have NFP status. And nowhere is it guaranteed that we ever will. Earl Silverman was never granted NFP status, and we are under no illusion that the government will agree to our application for the same thing. Neither Murray Pearson, Joe Mendez or myself have ever claimed otherwise.

We are not like those delusional people at AVFM that expect some sort of results in less than 6 months with a whopping $6K. How is anyone supposed to accomplish anything in such little time with such little resources? The work we have put in, on our own time with no pay or compensation, if we were to add it up would amount to much more than the piddly amount we have been donated to work with. Not to mention we all do it on our own time in between all the other important things like work, family, etc... If they want faster results, perhaps they could give us the money to hire staff. No? Then quit bitching. Seriously, what do these people expect to have happened by now? A new building with furnished rooms for clients? And all in less than 6 months on less than 10K? Are you serious? Earl Silverman worked at it for 20 years and had to resort to housing clients in his own home. Something a single man can do, but not something a family with small children could which excludes all three of us from being able to do what Earl did. We need a building, and 6K sure as hell won't do it. Not even close.

And I have to ask, what do they think we did with the money? Have wild weekends in Vegas? Buy a villa in Tuscany? Really? What would a little over 6K get us split 3 ways? You have to be an idiot to think we'd have run a scam for so little. But then again, thieves think that everyone is out to steal their shit right? Just something to think about when considering the source of the accusations.

This witch hunt, orchestrated by those at AVFM is nothing short of a consorted attempt to garner more web hits for profit, and to vilify me because I refused to tow the line while I was at AVFM. They don't like me, and will do anything they can to destroy me, my family, and my reputation. Not to mention the reputations of Joe and Murray, and the ESC as well. They do not care who they hurt or what lies they tell. They are as evil as the women who falsely accuse men of rape - the women they purport to fight against.The hypocrisy of these individuals is amazing.

So be wary when dealing with anyone involved with AVFM. They do not support justice, honesty, integrity, rationality, compassion, or empathy. They only say they do in order to pull the wool over the eyes of their unsuspecting cash cows and weak-minded followers. The only thing that matters to them is how much they can profit from you in the end.

It's easy to say you stand for something, but in the end, your actions speak volumes for themselves.