Sunday, 25 August 2013

AVFMs Dean Esmay and Suzanne McCarley Admit They Have No Evidence For Their Libelous Claims

After Dean Esmay and Paul Elam began going on a hysterical rampage accusing myself, Joe Mendez, and Murray Pearson of absconding with a little over 6K in donations for the Earl Silverman Center, Dean and others at AVFM such as Suzanne McCarley, who also jumped on the accusatory bandwagon which was bereft of any evidence, have now come out to say that their libelous claims are based on nothing but their own delusional paranoia.

 "I wouldn't be too surprised to learn that she has broken no laws..."

Really? Thanks for finally saying that Suzanne, after accusing me of being a thief and other nasty shit in previous comments on both articles that falsely accuse me of being a thief. Perhaps you should have shut you gob and thought of that before making libelous statements? See what happens when you react like a child based on raw emotion with no ability to think rationally? You end up looking like a lying fuck.

 "At least that's how we feel..."

Really Dean? You mean your feelz are justification for levying false accusations of theft on me? Isn't it you who has said, numerous times, that feminists base everything on irrational feelings and that it is not proof or evidence of anything?

I think we can safely say you are no better than those feminists you like to bash for their bullshit feelz. I think we can also safely say that your feelings are not evidence of a fucking thing, since you have agreed that is the case in the past about the nasty feminists feelz being used as 'evidence' for something Dean.

"We have no knowledge of Murray's guilt. In fact we have no knowledge of Kristina being guilty of anything..."

So you admit you have no evidence, but that it's ok to falsely accuse Murray and myself and to rally the troops to file false allegations to the authorities regardless?

Oh Dean... The word stupid just does not suffice here. You just could not help yourself could you? Your desire to vilify me in any way possible, because I didn't tow the AVFM line when I was there, is too overpowering for you isn't it? And look where your hate has gotten you? You have become a false accuser and potentially guilty of libel.

Bravo Dean. I am sure your kids will be proud to know their father is a lying fucking idiot because the beauty of the internet is that it doesn't forget, and that it's a great place where your kids will be able to see all this when they search their father's name one day and realize what a lying and vindictive person their father really is.