Thursday, 22 August 2013

John Hembling is lying to suit the narrative... Again.

John Hembling, AKA John the Other, has put out a video that basically says skin cream is made from foreskins, and therefor we should all be up in arms about how horrific it is to use foreskins from innocent babies for a woman's vanity.

SIGH! Another bunch of bullshit to suit the narrative John? Forget the FACT that cream is not made with foreskins!! It "is made from CELLS derived from a single foreskin obtained twenty years ago". ONE FORESKIN THAT IS 20 YEARS OLD!!! It's called stem cells John. Don't believe me? Go look it up yourself. The truth is right there on Google if you care to read any credible information that is scientifically based.

I know... It fucks up your little narrative, but hey, like you love saying - Life is hard... Wear a helmet, right John?

Now, if you had done any research you would see that not only are these cells useful in beauty products, but they are useful for research into the following as well:

Foreskins obtained from circumcision procedures are frequently used by biochemical and micro-anatomical researchers to study the structure and proteins of human skin. In particular, foreskins obtained from newborns have been found to be useful in the manufacturing of more human skin.[54]
Human growth factors derived from newborns' foreskins are used to make a commercial anti-wrinkle skin cream, TNS Recovery Complex.[55](subscription required)
Foreskins of babies are also used for skin graft tissue,[56][57][58] and for β-interferon-based drugs.[59]
Foreskin fibroblasts have been used in biomedical research.[60]

So according to John's argument, we should not only ban skin cream which uses these stem cells, but also any and all other important medical research into possible life-saving drugs or procedures that use any stem cells derived from a foreskin. 

And what about stem cells derived from women's parts like placenta's, breasts, and even vaginal stem cells? Do those matter? Or is it only foreskins we give a shit about? And don't give me that old argument that a circumcision is never necessary crap. If you believe that, then I have to question your ability to understand that some emergency circumcisions truly are medically necessary, just as female vaginal surgery and tissue removal are sometimes necessary due to medical emergencies. People get body parts removed all the time for various medical emergencies, and the cells of those parts can be very useful for medical research. But hey, let's just toss all the foreskins and never use those cells because, God forbid, we upset those overly sensitive men out there. Best to just chuck them and never use them even though that foreskin had to be removed for the patient's own good and well-being anyhow. 

Is any of this sinking in yet?

Now, back to the ridiculous 'cream' debate... If we can even call it that, since there is nothing to debate here when you are actually informed about it, as opposed to ranting away like an ignorant idiot on the subject.

There are creams made from all kinds of other stem cells including, plant, animal, and even an aborted fetus. It's called SCIENCE, dumbass!! 

They are not cutting off foreskins, hacking up fetuses, slaughtering animals, or deforesting swaths of land for skin creams, they are using science to REPRODUCE THE CELLS! 

God! The fucking ignorance and perpetuation of this bullshit by people with personal agendas, like John, is truly pathetic to watch. 

How about just saying unnecessary infant circumcision is cruel, traumatic, and wrong, which is true, and leave it at that without trying to LIE about it by saying they still use foreskins in skin cream? 

Advocate against unnecessary infant circumcision all you want, I agree it is horrible. Just do it with actual FACTS and not some idiotic argument such as "foreskins are in da wiminz skin creamz" to try and make women look bad. But hey, that is really what your end goal isn't it John? It's not about advocating against unnecessary circumcision and fighting for those innocent baby boys, but rather about making all women look evil - because, well, MGTOWs like you don't like women do they John. You are becoming more and more predictable. It's quite sad actually.

All your 'argument' does is make you look more fucking ignorant than you already are, and lowers your credibility below the rockbottom level it reached when you lost that debate to that Manhood 101 child, with those of us who actually think and research things before believing such fucking twaddle.