Monday, 26 August 2013

Karen Admits There is no Evidence Either

Just a quick update to my previous article where Dean Esmay and Suzanne McCarley admit they have embarked on a libelous witch hunt based on zero evidence.

Now Karen Straughan, (AKA: Girl Writes What) has also said that there never was any evidence for the libelous claims that have been levied against Joe Mendez, Murray Pearson, or myself on a mirrored copy by St37One of the video Joe had recently put up on YouTube.

My response to Karen:

So thank you Karen for also coming forth and admitting there is no evidence for the lies that AVFM, mainly Dean Esmay, Paul Elam, and Suzanne McCarley and their cheerleaders have been spreading about us is nothing but a bunch of lies. Thank you for admitting that this is just a witch hunt based on false allegations and accusations.

Now perhaps you could also admit that your bullshit accusations on your blog are also not based on any evidence whatsoever and that you are also guilty of false accusations? How about putting on your big girl panties and owning your shit Karen?

*Edited to add links in second paragraph.