Friday, 23 August 2013

Kevin Anderson lied for AVFM - Can he admit he lied?

Kevin Anderson (AKA: kevinwaynesongs) is a commenter at AVFM and has jumped on their little bandwagon of lies in order to perpetuate the false claims by AVFM that I am a thief and scammer.

In the comments section of their most recent libelous article about me at AVFM he says:

Yes Dean, it was an old Paypal account that I had used years ago when I was making and selling soap as Hansen Soap Co., and you knew that from the start, so your point is what? That I have somehow made all the money into soap? That this is somehow proof that I stole all the millions in donations?

Oh wait, but you knew about the Paypal account before the donation drive was even finished, and even before you yourself made a donation. Hmmm...

If it were that suspicious then why did you tell me not to worry about using that account and then put your own donation into it? Am I missing something here Dean? Or could it be that you are now just trying to rake me over the coals for your own sick and twisted amusement? I wonder...

Kevin then goes on later in the comments with the following:

Ok, Kevin, let's see if we can possibly get you to tell the truth about this bullshit you are talking on AVFM in a sad attempt to join the witch hunt with the boys.

You made a $25.00 donation to the ESC on May fourth, 2013. Then on July 9th, 2013 you decided to file a claim with your bank to have the funds returned. On July 17th I received the notification from Paypal and agreed to reverse the transaction. The money was instantly returned and the case was closed.

But here you are, a month after the closure of that Paypal claim saying that you have no clue what is going on? Are you seriously that stupid to think that there is no evidence on my end that would prove you are lying?

Well here is the evidence Kevin:

Sorry to burst your little lying bubble, but I did not steal anything did I? I did not abscond with your millions... er... $25.00. In fact I refunded it without issue didn't I?

So ya, I'd appreciate a nice little apology from you Kevin Anderson, admitting you acted like an ass just to perpetuate the bullshit narrative that AVFM has concocted against me. Can you be man enough to admit you lied?

I have put up the proof that you lied, so I'll wait for your kind and swift response to this little matter like any honest and upstanding adult would do when caught out in the open with actual proof, unless you prefer to permanently join the ranks of the village idiots and continue on this witch hunt with your little rusty pitchfork.