Friday, 9 August 2013

Paul Elam's Love for Drama?

Paul Elam has recently posted an article on AVFM that is nothing short of a witch hunt.

The problem I have with his article is that he 'demands' answers to where the donations for the ESC have gone based on one tweet I put out that said the ESC was currently on hold due to personal reasons on both my and Murray Pearson's (ESCs co-founder) parts. But who the hell is Paul Elam to demand anything from anyone? And let's not forget, Paul Elam is the one who collects well over 100K per year from donors and has never offered any transparency about where that money goes, other than to pay for his and John Hembling's salaries. He claims it's to help boys and men, but I have yet to see AVFM set up anything that actively helps boy's or men in the real world. All Paul has ever done is create drama on his website, and that is hardly what I would call activism. The reality is that AVfM is just a way for Paul to profit off the backs of others, and the proof is in what he has actually said, publicly, on one of his own YouTube rants.

But I digress...

The reality is that I have no intention of running off with the donations raised for the ESC, nor does our co-founder, Murray Pearson. We are committed to this project and want to have the ESC up and running by the fall of 2014. That is our vision - our goal.

Transparency has been 'demanded' by Paul Elam, as well as all kinds of financial information etc... And I agree that donors should be assured that their money is indeed not being used for things other than what it was intended for. But to hand over sensitive information like bank account information to the likes of Paul Elam and his ilk are out of the question. These people have a less than stellar track record for not fucking people over when they get their hands on anything they can use to bully and abuse others for their own amusement.

So knowing that this is true, I will offer this to those of you who want to know why the ESC is on 'hold', and consider this matter closed as of this point forward.

The reason we (Murray and I) have decided to put things on hold in regards to the ESC at the present time is that Murray is currently getting ready to go to trial in September for a false accusation (details of which I am not a liberty to discuss), and all of our efforts are currently focused on getting him through this difficult period of uncertainty. He is currently stressed out to the max and fears the very real possibility of going to jail for a period of time if found guilty. He does not have legal representation, so he is working on getting his opening statement together for the trial, preparing himself for cross examination, and going through mountains of evidence and paperwork. This is the most important issue at the moment, and the reason we have decided to put the ESC on hold until the trial is over. We need to focus on this very important issue right now. Murray needs as much help and support as possible right now.

When the trial is over, and we know where Murray stands, we will know how to proceed with the ESC. Until then, we cannot move forward when we are unsure if our co-founder will still be able to perform his functions or represent the ESC.

Murray is not only the co-founder of the ESC, but also a close personal friend. I will not let him face this alone and I am committed to seeing him though this with all the support and help I can offer him. This means shifting focus for the time being. This means helping him get through one of the most difficult things he has ever faced. It means not letting him go through this alone, which so many men do because no one cares about them. This is what it means to fight for a man's rights when faced with false accusations and potential prison time.

But rest assured, I do not intend to let the ESC die. I will be continuing forward with the plans for the center as soon as the dust clears from the trial, which will hopefully last no longer than a few weeks at most.

The fact that Paul has written his piece without having asked either myself or Murray any questions about why we have decided to put the ESC on hold for a short time, and instead writes a post that is nothing more than biased misinformation designed to hurt myself, Murray, and the ESC is beyond disgusting, even for the likes of Paul Elam.

He is essentially out to kill the ESC and he should be more than ashamed. No one has ever said we are not proceeding with the plans to build the ESC, but now that Paul has written his bullshit piece, we have to now contend with all kinds of false accusations and his lies at a time when Murray needs the most support possible.

We have been fighting to build a center that will not only be difficult to do because of predictable feminist backlash, but also, now, because of Paul's stupidity which has probably done more damage than any feminist group could have. Bravo Paul! For someone who claims to want nothing more than to see the ESC succeed, you sure have a twisted way of showing it by leveling thinly veiled and false accusations and rallying your rabid dogs to attack us.

But we do not give up easily, and refuse to allow people like Paul to destroy something as important as the ESC.

The truth is that Paul and John have an axe to grind with me and will stop at nothing to bully me, and those I associate with, into oblivion. He is not concerned with anyone else but himself and his own inflated ego. No one else matters in Paul's world, and he has said just that publicly for anyone who cares to know the truth.

If he wanted answers, perhaps he should have contacted us first, like any honest and respectable reporter would. But instead he has unleashed his rabid dogs and is sitting back waiting for them to do his dirty work for him because he is incapable of doing what real reporters do, which is gather truthful information before running with a story. But then again, Paul is more like The Enquirer rag of the MRM. Nothing he says should be taken at face value, and what he does say is only good for one thing - drama.