Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Is That What a Feminist Looks Like?

I follow a few feminists on Facebook. They are actual feminists who care about real issues such as women being severely oppressed in third-world countries, gays being persecuted in places like Russia and the Ukraine, and strongly oppose things that take away anyone's basic human rights, male or female.

That is what a REAL feminist looks like!

A real feminist is not one of these types of, what I like to call, wannabe-feminists (WFs). WFs are not concerned with real issues that are actually important. These WFs like to go around complaining about men, whining that men are the patriarchy out to get them, and that the world should somehow accommodate their every whiny whim. They like to write frivolous articles and rants bitching about first world privilege, cis this and that, misogyny, hetero-normative blah blah, patriarchy ho-hum, and so-on. They like to hate on all men, and proclaim themselves to be somehow superior because... vagina! And all the while the real feminists, like Pussy Riot and Femen in Europe are actually fighting oppressive regimes and hate against women, gays, etc... with real action that has real consequences. They get arrested, beaten, abused, spat on, vilified publicly, etc... all the while being very sure they never physically harm anyone. They do not give up, even when they face dire consequences. That is what it means to be a real activist - a real feminist. This is what it means to stand up and defend peoples rights.

So do WFs do these risky and dangerous protests? Hell no. They wouldn't be caught dead doing any of the real work, and no real feminist would take them seriously anyhow since all they seem to be good at is wallowing in their own victimhood and fermenting in their own hatred and fear.

Real feminists are few and far between. Your every day run of the mill loud-mouthed feminist is hanging out behind a computer somewhere bitching about a man that held open a door for her 5 years ago, and how the mere mention of any door opening triggers her into a puddle of tears that then sets off a horrific chain of events that leads her to consume copious amounts of ice cream and chocolate, and now she's fat and it's all men's fault. Fuck the patriarchy! Oh the humanity of it all.

One such WF tried to tell me today that all men are violent and responsible for all the violence in the world. When I tried to tell her that we should not condemn men for violence, but violence in general, without gender, she got all pissy (as WFs usually do should you disagree with them). She then asked me why I "stand up for MEN", to which I replied:

In my opinion, real feminists are more like humanists with their primary focus on women's issues. They are not like this WF that have some sort of mental deficiency that leads them to believe all men are evil.

So let's get it straight. When MRAs say 'this is what a feminist looks like' and points to one of these WFs, they are completely wrong. Those are not feminists. Those are overgrown children with persecution problems, and probably/likely a whole host of other problems that lying on a couch with a licensed therapist for 15-20 years may eventually resolve.

- Unapologetic Bitch