Monday, 24 February 2014

The USA Needs to Wake the Fuck Up.

Racist, homophobic, creationist, anti-women, religious assholes. Yep, they are all over Twitter and if you are an Atheist, non-white, a woman, or anyone non-Christian on Twitter you'll come across these wonderful people wielding their (unread) bibles and holier-than-thou attitudes sooner or later.

Most of them are from the USA, at least the ones I see daily, and I see plenty, each more vile or stupid than the last. They are like disgusting little cockroaches that just keep coming out of the woodwork that is Twitter, and they are immune to any type of compassionate, moral, rational or coherent thought process. They will stick their fingers in their ears and happily run around telling everyone that gays are horrible people who deserve to die, that blacks are all thugs should still be lynched, that anyone not white is an illegal immigrant stealing jobs and taxes, that god is the only way, that evolution is only a 'theory' (none of them are smart enough to know what the difference between 'theory' and 'scientific theory' is) that is still unproven, despite the tons of evidence we have, that a zygote is a full-blown child with more rights than the woman carrying it, and that all Atheists are evil Hitler wannabes. Yep, I've heard it all, and then some.

And what is at the root of all this hateful, bigoted, racist, homophobic, uneducated and ignorant shit? Religion, of course. Sadly I see it every single day. These idiots are not just backwater dimwits confined to social media places like Twitter where they can anonymously pontificate and hate. Every time I read the news, go on-line, or listen to the radio, some asshole Republican or religious fuckwit has come out and said something more offensive than the previous idiot. It's like they are part of some twisted competition to win a gold medal at the US Fucktard Olympics. 

They are politicians, high-profile public media celebrities, and loud-mouthed radio hosts who are out in the public sphere, on the streets we all occupy, saying horrible, degrading, hateful, stupid and illogical things on a daily basis with no fear of any repercussions by society at large.

These horrible excuses for human-beings are mostly part of the Republican party and they firmly believe they are justified in spewing their delusional religious hatred, and it's no wonder - almost half of the US population believes in some form of creationism, and more than that identify as religious.

The USA is what you get when you allow religion to seep into every nook and cranny of your nation. A nation of bigoted, hateful, uneducated assholes trying to act superior to anyone not like them, and threatening people with laws that seek to criminalize or restrict the rights of those who do not subscribe to their idiotic ways of thinking. They shove their religious beliefs and hateful ideologies down everyone's throats without any real push-back from the majority of the population because the majority are as brain-dead as the leaders of their nation.

These are your law-makers. The ones capable of giving or taking away your freedoms, and so far they are taking away much more than they are giving. These people are the ones deciding how you will ultimately live and how your country will be seen to the rest of the world, and let me tell you it is not looking good to anyone on the outside. The USA is not the great nation it once was. Now it's just a joke to the rest of the world, and even third-world countries are beginning to look less repressive and hateful than the USA. How sad is that?

The USA treats it's citizens like shit and is leading them all down a path to self destruction. It would not surprise me at all to see many people trying to claim asylum in other countries within the next 10 years because of the unchecked hatred and repressive government that has infected the USA to a pandemic level.

The USA has to realize how much of a cesspool it has become. It needs to open it's eyes and start realizing that going back to the Middle Ages is not progress at all. God is not looking down from some fluffy fucking cloud at the USA and commanding these morons somehow cleanse the earth for him to keep it as 'god's country'. And just for argument's sake, even if he were, would you want to do the mindless, morally bankrupt bidding of some god that was so sadistically hateful and vile that he would put people on this earth just to be condemned and abused by others for shits and giggles?

It's time to wake-up and demand an end to this juvenile bullshit. Delusional people with psychotic imaginary friends have no business trying to run anything, let alone a country. They are morally and intellectually empty and have nothing of value to contribute to society. The only thing they excel at is hate and bullshit.

If the USA is going to survive, it's people need to wake the fuck up and demand better. They need to kick these bullshit fairytales to the curb and start leading the country with logic and reality. If not the USA might as well start using Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings books as guides for morality and how to run the country - the likes of which are much less violent and hate-filled than the current book of fiction they are using.

- Unapologetic Bitch