Thursday, 20 March 2014

There is no way to redefine hate

I had opened a blog on WordPress a while ago called Menticulture with the intention of trying to redefine the Men's Rights Movement (MRM). Basically it was my intention of creating a place where facts and honesty mattered, and where men were not only given support, but also some realistic advice without all the false stats, lies, hate mongering, and propaganda that you all too often get in the mainstream MRM.

How do I know the MRM is so rife with bullshit? Well, I was a senior editor and the Canadian News Director for A Voice for Men last year, and I saw so much bullshit that it would make your head spin. Being on the back channel of the 'defacto voice for men's rights' is quite an eye opener, and the main reason I had had enough and began speaking out against the hate that permeates the movement. Of course that lead to my being 'fired' (from a voluntary and unpaid position) and vilified as some sort of man hater and criminal. Surprise! Amazing isn't it?

The Menticulture blog is now gone, and for good reason - It is utterly impossible to redefine something that is so permeated with hate, lies, and propaganda. It would be like me trying to redefine racism to mean something that was accepting, understanding, and honest. It's impossible to do because the basic foundation upon which it sits is illogical and corrupted by hate and delusional lies far beyond repair. Not to mention it would be more than a full-time job just keeping up with debunking all the bullshit lies that the MRM spews all over the place.

I have always maintained that many men have a raw deal in the family court system, and yes, that is cause for concern, as well as men's reproductive rights. But other than the obvious fact that women are mostly favored over men when it comes to family court, and that men do not have a say if they want to be a parent to a child they may not have wanted, the MRM consists of mostly white, middle class, angry men who can't figure out what being a man actually is, yet they insist on telling ever man on the fucking planet how they should behave. These men are so utterly lost and angry at the world for their own personal failings that the only thing that makes them feel better is to bash on others constantly.

As they immerse themselves in this toxic and hateful environment they lose sight of their basic humanity and compassion for others. I've seen it first hand, and it is rife over at AVFM where vilifying anyone for their own ends is not a new concept. You either toe the line or you're tossed out and vilified.

The MRM has sadly become a soul sucking parasite that attaches itself to vulnerable and wounded men, and they become so consumed and misled by the hateful propaganda spewed forth by self-serving assholes, who have no real interest in actually helping men, but rather bilk them out of money to line their own pockets. The whole movement has become a giant cesspool and it's impossible to even begin to try to make it look appealing in any way.

And that is why I took down the blog. There is no hope for the MRM as long as the self proclaimed leaders, like AVFM, and NCFM are around, as well as all the loud angry MGTOW and PUA idiots who also have high numbers of repugnant, lying, hateful men.

Listen guys, there is no sinister plot by women which entails sending one woman out at a time out to date, then marry a man, buy a home together, live together for a few years, have kids, and then fuck him over by divorcing him. Thus losing half the household salary so she can't afford to live as she was when they were a couple, get the kids 24/7 so she has no time to go out or have a social life, worry about taking time off work when the kids get sick and possibly losing her job, etc... Ya, that sounds like a perfect plot for world domination if you have the time to actually do any world domination with kids hanging onto your legs while trying to get dinner done in-between helping them with homework and making sure no one is flushing a superhero figure down the toilet because it makes a cool whirlpool.

And that is why I have decided to shut down a lost cause and concentrate my time on this blog. My deepest sympathies and sincerest support for all the good men out there who get shit on in family court, and to the men who genuinely want to do good things for men. It's too bad that the MRM gives those truly good men, who advocate for men out of the kindness of their hearts with no expectation of reward or who do not have a hatred for women boiling inside them, a bad name.

Perhaps men need to stand up and fight another good cause - getting rid of the toxic self-indulgent cesspool that is the MRM and fight for mens rights under the banner of humanism, where everyone is considered to have value regardless of their color, race, culture, age, sex, or gender.

There is just no way to make a shit sandwich appealing. You can dress it up all you like, but at the end of the day it's still just a shit sandwich.

- Unapologetic Bitch