Thursday, 13 March 2014

Yes Your Religion Offends Me

I just read a horrible story, one of way too many that I sadly see on a daily basis, about a child being either horribly abused, tortured, raped, or murdered at the hands of a religious parent/family member.

As a parent, and someone with real empathy and morality, I am just sickened by these kinds of stories. In truth, I have no words to accurately describe my disgust towards these people or their religion.

Whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or other, religion does not instill morality, decency, empathy, or humanity in anyone. In fact religion takes it all away and leaves a mindless shell of a person who is capable of committing the most depraved, sub-human acts imaginable just because they believe in some fucked-up fairytale.

Religion leads people to completely lose their sense of humanity and only serves to create delusional, narcissistic, apathetic, drones that would sooner hurt their own children than use their own brains to tell them that what they are doing is depraved and wrong. Religious people will routinely shun, ridicule, abuse, torture, and murder their own children because a fucking book told them to. If that isn't the definition of being seriously mentally ill, I don't know what is.

I have had countless interactions with people of different religious beliefs, and the one thing they all share is the stupid notion that morality and being a good person can only come when you follow the teachings of 'their' chosen god. And when someone of a different faith from theirs commits a horrible act of violence they like to point out how the act of violence happened because that person was not following the 'right god'. What a bullshit excuse.

If you claim to follow the right god, and that it is some all-powerful, loving, and graceful god, then your god could have, and should have stepped up and protected that poor innocent child no matter what faith she or he was born into.

If you really and truly believe your god is some wonderful being, which you obviously do, otherwise why would you bother worshiping it, then your god should have, by your own belief, intervened. But surprise, he never does and we know this is true because countless innocent children are violently abused and murdered each day in the name of someone's imaginary friend.

So yes, your religion deeply offends me. Your religion has removed your compassion, empathy, and skewed your moral compass so horribly to the point that you would even consider something so disgusting as violence acted out on a child to be excusable because the person who committed the act either didn't believe in the same fucked up bullshit you do, or if they did, either their faith wasn't strong enough, or they were possessed by fucking demons - all of which you claim your bullshit god can overcome because he is supposed to be all-loving and all-powerful.

Just admit it. As a religious person you are basically a disgusting person for trying to somehow justify, excuse, or accept these horrible acts of violence - especially when they happen to innocent children, by believing in your imaginary friend. You truly are a horrible person with no moral compass, and I have no respect for you, for you are exactly the same as the one who commits the act of violence by hiding behind your fucked-up and made-up religion and dismissing it as your god's will or plan.

Your god is bullshit, and your religion not only offends, but repulses me. Fuck you!

- Unapologetic Bitch