Saturday, 23 August 2014

Is the Mens Rights Movement Being Irresponsible?

There is a video that was done recently on TYT about War Machine, who is an ex MMA fighter and currently in police custody for the alleged brutal beating and attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. 

In the TYT video they tie War Machine to the MRM because of things he wrote on his jail blogs. These were blogs he kept while he spent a total of 2 years behind bars for previous assault charges. 

Dean Esmay from A Voice for Men has recently chimed in after the TYT video was put up and said the following:

"So it’s happened again: Some violent psychotic does something violent and psychotic, and Men’s Rights Activists are supposedly to blame. Because potato."

No Dean, it is not because 'potato'. Let me explain it to you so your tiny little brain can comprehend why people keep equating people like War Machine to MRAs and the MRM.

I read both his blogs, (season 1 and season 2), and some of the things he wrote were eerily similar to the rhetoric peddled by the MRM, in particular, A Voice for Men (AVFM).

War Machine, yes that is his legal name, considers himself and men in general, to be more oppressed than the black slaves or the Jews in Nazi Germany were. He also writes about how men are also oppressed because they are not allowed to hit a woman if they feel, in any way, threatened or mistreated. Where have I heard that before? Oh ya, Paul Elam of AVFM wrote about how it was ok to beat a woman if you felt threatened. In that article he specifically stressed that what he was saying was NOT parody, and that he truly believes that it is perfectly fine for a man to beat a woman half his size if he thinks he is in any way being threatened. 

So what did War Machine clam on Twitter after the beating of Christy Mack? He claimed he felt threatened by Christy Mack and that his beating of her was justified because he was defending himself. 

Now call me paranoid, suspicious, or crazy, but isn’t it convenient how War Machine came out with that insane leap of logic 9 day after Paul Elam put that article out there basically encouraging men to do exactly what War Machine did. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I am not convinced it really is.

War Machine parrots a lot of the same insane and insulting sentiments that are held within the MRM, primarily those over at AVFM. Do a search on AVFM for Oppression, or Racisim and you will get tons of articles about how men in the western world are oppressed and treated like slaves by women, feminism, the government, and so-on. It’s a full on oppression Olympics pity party over there. 

For a place like AVFM, which likes to pretend it’s a human rights movement, to even consider or compare white middle class men in western society to being either oppressed or a slave is truly disgusting and insulting to anyone who has ever truly suffered those kinds of atrocities. Appropriating others real suffering for one’s own twisted agenda is not what any human rights movement worth its salt does.

But the real issue is, was War Machine an MRA? I highly doubt War Machine was an activist for anything, other than his own self-pity, but he did most certainly buy into the toxic idea that he, as a man, was seriously oppressed and a helpless victim. 

There is only one place that loudly proclaims these twisted ideas - where he could have gotten that insane message – The MRM. 

After seeing what War Machine wrote, I can’t help but see the eerie similarity and assume that he got those messages from places like AVFM, where they push the idiotic comparison of white middle class men to real oppression and slavery. It’s a common theme over there.

Now MRAs will most definitely protest to what I have said. They will try to claim that I am making shit up and that what people like Paul Elam writes is satire etc… But I am sorry guys, that shit don’t fly with me. You need to wake up and realize that what War Machine said is exactly the same bullshit that the MRM, and AVFM, peddles to its audience. 

If the MRM, or AVFM, doesn’t want any fingers pointed at them, then maybe they should have had much better sense and used some serious discretion when writing the kinds of articles they write. 

When you send a message to vulnerable men that they are as oppressed as real slaves were, or that they are under serious attack, as if they were in a real war, then you get blowback when something like this happens and your rhetoric is used. 

When you try and mask your true agenda or colors under the guise of ‘parody’, that is just plain irresponsible, especially when you know that it’s not really parody, and that your primary audience is comprised of vulnerable, angry, desperate men who are searching for any excuse or sense of permission to act as a victim and place all the blame for their problems on others. 

That is exactly what War Machine did, and I can guarantee you he is not the first, nor the last to think like that, especially when you now have a community of men that basically tells each other that it’s ok to blame women and the government for everything, that bashing a violent bitch is ok, or that beating a womanhalf your size is perfectly ok if you ‘feel’ in any way threatened, even if it is being touted as supposed parody.

Pro Tip: You are not The Onion.

It’s completely irresponsible on the part of people like Paul Elam and the other writers at AVFM , as well as those within the MRM as a whole, to put these bullshit ideas into the heads of vulnerable men, only to watch them self-destruct without any offer of real help, or possible solutions to their immediate problems. 

They exasperate things and fuel the anger and frustration within these men to the point that it eventually boils over and you get people like War Machine. And when that happens people will, and do, get hurt, but what you won’t see is Paul Elam, or anyone else at AVFM, or in the MRM, come out and try to help the monster they helped create. 

They will not offer to help those men who have taken their bullshit verbatim, ignored the parody claims, and then go out and self-destruct. They will not own their words or take responsibility for their part in these tragic events, even though they love to tell others to own their shit. They won’t ever apologize for putting all this shit into men’s heads, or even attempt to learn from something like this. 

No, they will not say a word, well except for 'potato'. They will continue to spew their dangerous, irresponsible rhetoric knowing full well that their words have real life consequences, and that the ultimate victims of their bullshit are exactly those that they purport to care about – Men. 

*edited some parts to add the potato response from Dean Esmay.