Monday, 25 August 2014

My Thoughts on MGTOW

Over a year ago I talked about Men Going Their Own Way and lots of people got their undies in a bunch over what I said. I said that some, SOME, MGTOWs were only MGTOWs because they hated women, and I still hold that opinion. 

Of course some men choose to go their own way because they truly have hatred towards women for various reasons, and that’s their prerogative. I tried to point out how those guys were toxic to the whole MGTOW  ‘movement’ or idea, but of course it became completely blown out of proportion, with people insisting I hated all MGTOWs, which is simply not the case. 

In truth, I could care less how someone chooses to live out their lives. If someone feels that being single is their best option, then go for it. What I didn’t like was the constant hatred being spewed from SOME, again SOME, of them. But you also get that from SOME MRAs and PUAs, etc… In summary, you will always have crazies that basically try to fuck it up for the whole bunch. That was what I was ultimately saying, and there is nothing wrong with stating that obvious point.

But, the reason for this article is because someone asked me how I feel about MGTOWs, and I would like to respond here.

MGTOW is a personal choice that a man makes for his own personal reasons, of which there can be many. If a man has decided that being single, or a confirmed bachelor,  is the best option for him, then more power to him. I think it’s great that some men do not feel compelled to fit in with the ‘norm’ which basically says you can only be happy when you are in a long-term, monogamous relationship. Challenging that antiquated narrative is a good thing. 

If someone with self-confidence, and who knows who they are and what they want chooses that type of lifestyle, and does not attempt to impose their choices on others, then good for them. If you choose to go your own way, do it! Be happy and live your life as you see fit. 

The only issue I have is, again, with SOME MGTOWs, those who tend to try and push their choice of a single lifestyle on others by preaching that it is the only logical route for all men to take. It may be great for you, but it may not be what someone else chooses to do with their lives. What makes one person fulfilled does not make all people fulfilled.

We humans are all different, and if the core of being MGTOW truly means men going their own way and doing what is best for them, then some men will of course choose a different route in their lives. And we should all be ok with that because it is not up to anyone individual, or a group of individuals, to dictate what MGTOW truly is or how someone ultimately finds joy and happiness in life. 

The idea of men going their own way should be just that. Men ultimately deciding what is best for them, whether it’s being celibate, a confirmed bachelor, in a serious relationship, married, or tons of other lifestyle options in-between. 

MGTOW should not be solely defined as being a confirmed bachelor for life, as some say it is. MGTOW should be the freedom for men to make their own choices in regards to how they live their lives. It should be a response to antiquated assumptions, but not a rigid belief system. It is ultimately an umbrella term with many different meanings and options attached to it, and not just one rigid rule.

In essence, all men who make their own lifestyle choices without any outside pressures are MGTOWs. When a man says, this is how I choose to live my life and I am happy with my choice, they are a man going their own way, and isn’t that the ultimate goal? To allow men to make their own choices without dictating to them what is acceptable, and what is not? To me, that seems to be what a MGTOW should truly mean.