Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Why You Should Hate Cops

Some of you won't like this post because, well, reasons. That's fine. If your head holds some utopian ideal of who and what I am that doesn't conform with a little thing I like to call "Truth", or the other little thing I like to call "Reality", stop reading now if you wish to preserve that idea you have of me as whatever the hell I'm supposed to be. If, on the other hand, you don't mind examining unpleasant truths or living in RealityLand™, read on...

I HATE cops. I despise them. They, along with Glenn Beck, Wars-For-Profit™, "3rd Wave Feminism"™, and organized religion, are easily the top 4 spots on the "Top 10 Worst Inventions of Humanity" list. I prefer the Mafia to cops. Whether it be the NYPD-the "gold standard" for thugs-, or the Podunk County Sheriff, I HATE cops. Cops are the worst humanity has to offer--at least criminals tend to be up front about who they are and what they're doing. Cops on the other hand, on top of being criminals, to the last man and woman on the beat, are cowards who wouldn't confront a little old lady without a taser handy. Cops are so bad that each and every single person who's been a cop more than six months or so (OK, maybe a year), is literally a criminal. I understand what makes them criminals, and I don't necessarily fault them for it, but in reality, being a cop should be much like flipping burgers at a fast food joint used to be- a way station job on the way to becoming a grown up, and not a career (and in terms of quality of people that's a bit insulting to McDonald's employees, frankly). No one should EVER have to be a cop for more than six months, and really, it should be a punishment for DUI or something.

A person who is a cop witnesses crimes daily. A great many of the crimes they see committed are committed by fellow cops. And they say nothing. That is to say, by not reporting the criminal activities of their fellow cops that they know to be, or believe to be, criminal, they become accessories to all sorts of crimes from letting off a fellow cop with a 'warning' after pulling them over for speeding (yeah, they call it 'discretion' sometimes, I know. I call it a cop out--see what I did there? Who says I'm not funny?), to raping someone, or beating someone who has done nothing, or killing an unarmed black or Hispanic kid. They do these things, and other cops cover them up. ALL cops do it. Which makes them all criminals. Covering up a crime is itself a crime, see how that works? You can now go back to pretending your excuse of choice makes any sense at all (although you pretending what I said isn't true renders it no less true):

  1. The "Job" is Hard™-- Then don't fucking do it.
  2. Cops have 'discretion' in deciding to give/not give a speeding ticket--and in reporting graft, tasing an old lady, putting a teenager through a plate glass window, corruption, rape, murder, and extortion, too?
  3. Criminals Outgun cops--Then don't fucking do the job. Become a meter reader.
  4. Criminals do it-- So?
  5. The pay is too low--THEN DON'T DO THE FUCKING JOB.
Now, does that mean I don't understand cops? No. I "Get It"™. It IS tough sometimes. You DO deal with motherfuckers who would just as soon kill you as look at you. It IS scary to have someone come at you with a knife or gun. You DON'T know what's waiting behind that door. You also swore an oath. You are PAID to encounter these dangers. You are also not supposed to be above the law. So...don't come crying to me for sympathy.

One of Hemingway's characters, in A Farewell To Arms, said that "all thinking men are atheists", which means that a rational mind, unimpeded by any outside considerations, will come to the rational conclusion that because there is no evidence to support the idea of a deity, the only intellectually honest position to hold vis-a-vis the existence of such a being, is that it doesn't exist (however emotionally unsatisfying that may be for any given individual). In the same vein, every thinking man should detest the power of life and death in the hands of any government thug, especially those bereft of accountability (as so many cops are), bereft of compassion (ditto), and bereft of the higher faculties of learned people (ditto again). It isn't who they are that's disgusting and reprehensible, it's what they are.


  A Final Word On "Discretion":

You're given discretion, damn you, because you're supposed to arrest or ticket that friend of yours on the day shift for driving drunk, or at least get them out of the fucking car so they can sleep it off safely, NOT so you can tase a pregnant woman in the belly for sitting on the subway steps because her back hurts, or any of the umpteen bazillion things you assholes have been caught on video doing. You're given discretion because you are supposed to exercise the power of good judgment, not so you can indulge your petty hatreds, feed your ego, or take revenge on the high school bully. The 21 foot rule is not carte fucking blanche for shooting anyone you damn well please. Oh, and your safety?

"Yeah, I said it. It had to be said." - Chris Rock

If you want to help a brother out, you can purchase "A Farewell to Arms", the Hemingway novel I referenced above, at Amazon--it doesn't cost you anything extra, and Amazon sends some love my way:

Monday, 17 November 2014

The Hiatus is Over, and Two Manboobz Memes For the Price of One!!!!

The Housekeeping:

I'd like to thank all of you  patient souls for sticking around. I'd also like to tell you why I've been gone for so long, and just after the launch of Menticulture: You all probably know by now that K. Hansen and I have a son now. I took the time I did to care for him. My son is the single best thing I've ever done, and I could not, and would not, leave him in that first year (his Bday is happening in a couple of weeks).

Now that he's a year old (almost), I can return to this thing. Now I've got significant skin in the game. Of course, I have 4 beautiful stepdaughters and they are reason enough to destroy feminism and other crazy ideologies, but with girls, one can always teach them to mouth the right words when telling the truth becomes an actual crime. With a boy however, now I have to worry that he'll get the shit beat out of him or worse by overzealous copthugs, thrown in jail for raising his voice to his boyfriend or girlfriend, and everything else that comes with being male in today's Western society, not to mention the stigma of being an atheist. So dismantling religion generally, and gender religion specifically, has become my life's work.

By now, everyone should know that there's no love lost between the MRAs and me, but in the spirit of the 'season', and because this is too delicious not to mention, I leave you with this little vignette from the gender wars:

Some person involved in gamergate decided to tweet this to dev Brianna Wu:

to which Brianna Wu responded by requesting someone create a meme using the "respects is earn" misspelling.

Bravo. I'm something of a stormtrooper about spelling and such when it suits me, though less so nowadays because I just don't care about the niceties much anymore. Substance I find, is more compelling, but whatevs. So, long story short, David Futrelle picked it up and wrote a post about it, inviting his readers to do the same vis-a-vis the meme idea. Which you can read here. But really, the crux of all this background is twofold. I'd first like to point out that Futrelle, in deriding @viscountripper for his lack of spelling prowess, gives us an article about same, with this beautiful little snippet at the end:

So, though like I said, after the accusations of malfeasance and the like levied against me and K. by not an insubstantial MRA mob, for those of you who kept your heads about you, and refused to engage the blatant lies spewed by those people,  I offer you this small token of my appreciation, the David Futrelle meme:

Look David. Can I call you David? I don't really give two shits about your site, or you. The fact is that you're an apologist for a hate group. Also, I don't give two shits about whether you can spell or not, see I've made spelling errors, even in graduate school. The thing is, if you're gonna bitch that MRAs are stupid-because that's the subtext of so many of your posts--because they can't spell, maybe you shouldn't make spelling errors IN THE SAME BLOG POST. (type in the word 'deliberaly' in your browser's search window if you think the above was photoshopped). I'm just saying, some consistency is probably a good thing.

 Oh, for the record:
Dear Ms. Wu: I don't hate you, I wish you a long, happy and fruitful life, quite sincerely. I don't hate women, have NEVER threatened a woman with rape or death or anything else. I'm not a "gamergate" nutjob, or a "gamer". In fact, I'm as disgusted by those clowns as I am with MRAs of a certain kind, and feminists of a certain kind. All religions are pernicious, gender religions no less so than traditional deity-centered religions. I'm just here pointing out how silly and/or stupid people can be when their sacred cows are dinged up a bit.