Tuesday, 2 December 2014

But I digress....

OK, sometimes I lose track of time. And what I'm thinking at any given moment. A hazard of spending so much time thinking, also a problem exacerbated by narcolepsy. So....apropos of my last post about hating cops, here's the reason I went off on that particular tangent:

I get "it", whatever SJWs are referring to, when they say that women who have been raped don't want to talk to cops. I have had the living shit beat out of me by NYPD stormtroopers on three separate occasions--and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that they probably would not have taken my report of their brother officers assaulting me if I had been stupid enough to bother. so I get it that there is little to no confidence that the cops will take you seriously, let alone take a report. I once had cops show up at my door (before I knew about CCRB complaints being a rite of passage for them), to get my statement, and they then proceeded to handle me. That is to say, they copslained why the cop that used me to test his collapseable baton was not that bad a guy, and how he'd been having problems with his family and on and on and on.

Ultimately, I didn't file because, well, I'm not an idiot. I'm not going to waste my time, knowing full well that the cops aren't going to police themselves at all, so why would I go to great lengths to get the cops in question to spend a few days on vacation, and maybe have to sit through a two hour "class" on "Not Hating Those Dirty Niggers 101"?. So yeah, I get the not wanting to report a crime to the cops. However, for a report against cops for police brutality, my one report isn't going to do shit, especially if I manage to survive it-it's not the first, it won't be the last, and my beatings didn't have the noteworthy broomstick anal rape, or bullet wounds to the face with hands up like Mike Brown. This is manifestly not the case with rape accusations.

The cops aren't going to take my report of other cops showing me the bottoms of their boots. Not only that, but they aren't about to arrest their fellow officers, so maybe, if I'm lucky, a suspension w/o pay awaits the cops who attacked me. Not so with rapists--rapists can sometimes be prosecuted successfully, especially since cops tend to hate criminals anyway. Which means that if you don't report your rape, well, the next rape committed by that rapist, is partly, though not fully, your fault--not legally, of course, but morally, your inaction is an enabling factor. You have no idea whether or not that person would or could have been successfully prosecuted, and on the off chance that such a thing is possible, it seems pretty clear that your decision not to report could have an effect on that.

Now, if you're familiar with SJWs, this is the point in the conversation where I'm called a rape apologist, which, of course, I'm not. Quite the opposite. Given some evidence, even if it isn't conclusive, I'm willing to entertain the possibility that someone was raped, I just hold them to the same standards that are supposed to be in effect for everyone else. I'm not ready to ruin someone's life because you feel you should be believed, or because women don't lie about rape, ever. Here's where the SJW tells me that the "official" number, which is really nothing more than speculative fantasy, is that only between 2% to 8% of reported rapes are false. To which I respond: even if that were true, so fucking what? How many innocent people should go to prison so that you have a 'safe space' to complain about how horrible men are? how many innocent people should go to prison before we decide that it is better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent person spend a day in jail? I'm all for [edit: being horrified at, and doing something about] the practical reality of possibly letting at worst, 98 rapists go free for every single reported rape, after all, I do have daughters. And a wife. And a mother. 

I also have a son. I don't want him going to jail because some overwrought teenager or college student, in all her wisdom, with the addition of some femitheist rape "counselor" wisdom, decides that my son raped her because she had a freaking beer before having sex with him (which she should probably not have had in the first fucking place because it's usually against the freaking law if you're under 21).

What does one DO? Ooh...ooh... I know: I "blame the victim": I've already told my little daughters about "stranger danger"

[as an aside, why is it that we expect children to understand 'stranger danger', but we call it 'blaming the victim' if we tell college age women to be careful who they hang out with?; and also, aren't all those college freshman lectures for women on how to avoid being raped on campus also "blaming the victim"?].

Anyway, I teach my daughters how to fight and how to protect themselves. I teach them to wear context appropriate clothing- more conservative attire for work and school, less so for partying with friends. And there's the rub: with friends. I teach them that friends are special people who we didn't just meet at some frat house party. Friends are people we've usually known our whole lives, and who've demonstrated their willingness to treat my daughters like people first, women second. Not jackasses who spend their entire day playing Halo 4or Gears of War 3, to the point where they are world class "gamers" who are "feared" in the online videogame chats, or something similarly childlike, and whose idea of flirting is throwing 'negs' at them until they succumb to their "game"-- the neckbeard alternative to actually being an alpha male. I tell them to steer away from the pretend "alpha males" who are so alpha they have to study their pick up lines and manners from a book, novel or $3000 a head seminar led by a scumbag like Julien Blanc.

So no, perhaps it's pie-in-the-sky dreaming, but yeah, I'd rather ten guilty men go free than one innocent person spend a day in jail. Too many brown people have gone to prison for decades (see also) b/c of their skin color, and not the severity of their crime. In fact, it's more than common knowledge that blacks and Hispanics go to prison for lengthy stays for crimes that garner whites a few hours of community service, or even suspended sentences. Hired contract assassins have gone to jail for less time than a great many non-white & non-violent "offenders" under the Rockefeller Drug Laws. This last, btw, is something SJWs can't deny--the notion that non-whites have it worse in the judicial systems of Western democracies is fundamental to the social justice paradigm. And non-whites do. I do 'get' the issues involved-however much SJWs would like to deny that. I just refuse to add the crime of walking while male to those things that us non-whites are going to be disproportionately subjected to. That is anathema to justice, and racist. Sorry femitheists, that's just the way it is. The "justice" system, often called the "just-us" system, is totally fucked up, it's totally sexist and racist. But we can't replace it with vigilante justice or the authoritarian and byzantine "justice" of a latter day (the) Trial (the novel by Kafka), where people can go to jail on the mere say-so of someone whose anonymity might also be protected due to so called 'rape shield' laws.

Another objection I hear quite often is that "it's too traumatizing to have to "relive" the rape". I get that, too. I can still feel the dull thump of collapsable batons on my back and legs, and the only thoughts in my head, playing on a loop, are "I hope he smokes...b/c that might mean he'll tire out faster", and "it's almost over.". There is no fighting back-that will get you hospitalized with life threatening injuries or maybe severe head trauma. It might mean I won't go home to my kids tonight. It might mean I won't be able to wipe my ass ever again. I might live the rest of my life in a wheelchair, or with a colostomy bag attached. Fighting back can also get you killed for "resisting arrest" or "disorderly conduct" or "public inebriation/lewdness".

Actually, another aside: right now, today, it's way more dangerous, and the risks a hell of a lot higher, being male and black/Hispanic anywhere the NYPD's jurisdiction extends. I'm sorry to say, but given that cops have no qualms nowadays about killing some of us, it's way more dangerous than rape. Rape victims usually have the dubious distinction of 'living' after the attack (if you can call it living, that is), for colored men, it's a crapshoot). Problem is, Cop perpetrated violence against "colored folk" doesn't sell as well as a good rape he said/she said, because, after all, men are asking for it, what with already being so violent, and being complicit in the patriarchy, and anyway, it's usually male on male violence since most cops are still men, so it's men's fault anyway, AMIRITE?

My response to this: well, you lived through a rape. You're a survivor. That means something, ladies. A predator targeted you, and you survived. Lots of well trained, bad ass men, cannot boast that claim. You were attacked in a most vicious and cruel way, unlike what most people have ever experienced. Goddamnit, cross your t's and dot your fucking i's. Get a rape kit done. Give testimony. Ride those son-of-a-bitch prosecutors to prosecute even if the chances of a conviction are vanishingly small-they love to keep their numbers up because high conviction rates look good on CV's. You've already been victimized. For fuck's sake, don't make yourself a victim a second time. Protect the other women who that son of a bitch might target later. Avenge the ones he might already have attacked. Help protect our daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends. Don't give up the fight because it's hard. That's when you're supposed to fight hardest.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog.

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

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