Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Mailman Deserves an Award for his Bravery

So I open the door to get the mail today and see that my mailman has left me a little note to advise me that my front walk is dangerously snow covered and icy:

Granted, it snowed last night, and the city came to a screeching halt. Schools were closed, roofs were buckling under the weight of the snow, vehicles were piled-up in massive crashes, and people could only get around if they wore snowshoes or skis. It was a disaster of epic proportions out there. Just look at the horrific picture I took of my front walk that had my mailman at complete risk of horrific injury because I did not shovel it in time:

See! What a perilous journey he had! Look at the waist deep snow and ice he had to slog through to get to my front door. I am surprised he made it at all. He must have had to use a dog-sled team to get him through the harrowing journey to my mailbox. Oh the humanity of it all! What a brave man he is. I should commend him on his dedication and perseverance tomorrow. I know, I'll bake him some cookies to thank him.

He truly deserves all our respect for his journey of terror. To have made it up my walkway without breaking a bone, suffering internal injuries, or dying, is simply amazing. He should try to scale Mount Everest next - I am sure it will be a cake walk for him after dealing with this.

If you are my brave mailman, and you are reading this, I send you my warmest and sincerest respect. What would we do without people like you risking your lives to make sure we get our bills and junkmail? I think you truly deserve a special award for your tremendous bravery in the face of danger:


For anyone wondering how much it actually snowed, it was a whopping 2-3cm in total! Yet my kids made the perilous trek out there to go to school way before my mailman attempted to scale my treacherous front walk. One of my kids almost lost a limb from exposure and the other two were chased by arctic wolves. But they all arrived at school none the less. What brave souls they all are!

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission