Thursday, 12 February 2015

This 'Deadbeat Dad' is Not Even a Dad

Do you remember the article I published earlier this week? The one where 10% of us are not fathered by the man we believe to be dad? If you don't, I suggest you go read it now.

That article concerned children who thought one man to be their biological father, only to discover that he actually was not. Mothers were deliberately keeping the truth about paternity from their children and the men they duped into believing they were dads.

Now in a new story, Michigan is acting as the deliberate liar regarding paternity for a man named Alexander who says he has lost his job, is almost homeless and could face jail time for not paying child support for a child everyone knows is not his.

DNA tests have proven, without a doubt, the child in question is not his. The mother, a former girlfriend of his, knows the child is not his - she needed help providing for her son and was told that, in order to get welfare assistance, she had to name a father on the paperwork. She decided to put down his name, with his permission, even though they both knew he couldn’t be the father.

All he wanted to do was help her and her son, and now he is facing a paternity case, brought against him by the State of Michigan, to collect money for the assistance that was provided to her.

Years ago, a process-server turned in paperwork, claiming that Alexander was given notice of the case. But the Michigan Department of Corrections says that is impossible since he was incarcerated at the time the process server claims to have served him.

WXYZ says Alexander didn’t find out about the paternity action until 1991, when he was arrested for being a deadbeat dad.

“I’m almost homeless. I’m almost in jail. I am out of work. My money is threatened to be taken, ” he said. “I’m scared.”
The judge for the case said that he won’t go to jail, yet. She put the case on hold until next month so his attorney could have a chance to argue that he shouldn’t be responsible for the child support bill for a child that is not biologically his.

Sadly this is not a one-off case. Many men are being destroyed, and many women are being coerced by a government which, in many states, demands that a woman name a father before she can get any financial assistance (welfare).

It's a system put in place by the government to exact control over society's most vulnerable, and punish them. It puts many women in a desperate situation where the only way they can provide for their child is to drag a man, who may or may not be the biological father, into court. It forces those women who would rather not have named a father on the birth certificate of their child, or pursue any action for child support, for various reasons, to name one and have to face court procedures for money she clearly was not interested in getting. The man is forced, by the system, to pay for a child he never wanted or intended to pay for. It turns peoples lives upside-down, puts children in the middle of a messy situation, all so the state can pay out less in welfare payments to the woman.

Advocates of this system may insist that it saves the state, and taxpayers, money. But the reality is that for every woman the state forces to go to court, it pays all the lawyer fees and court costs. Everything from photocopies, process servers, phone calls, and so-on are paid for by the legal aid system.

In Canada the "total funding of legal aid includes government funding, contributions from clients and legal settlements, and contributions from the legal profession. The twelve plans that provided data (excludes Nunavut) reported receiving funding of more than $736 million in 2010/2011. Government sources contributed the vast majority of this amount at 93% of the total." Of course this is not just for family court matters, but a significant portion of it is. Some estimates are that up to 58% of the funding is spent on civil matters, which includes family court cases.

I am sure the figures are much higher in the USA - The point being, is there really any benefit to be had by forcing mothers and 'fathers' to upend their lives, and the lives of the children involved? Is there any justification for the government to get involved in the personal lives of those that have made their own decisions based on what they feel is best?

Alexander is just one of thousands upon thousands of examples of how the system can destroy someone's life just to save a buck. But what can we do? For starters we can do is keep raising awareness about these terrible situations and lobby for change. We can put effort into serious campaigns to bring these stories to the forefront of the public's awareness. We can stop spending our time hurling constant insults at feminists and writing ridiculous articles that even the Enquirer would scoff at.

People who are truly concerned with Mens Rights need to put away their petty bullshit and start to really band together for some serious change instead of gossiping and nattering on like old hens. The focus needs to be on these types of issues, and to not be distracted by petty arguments or the desire to one-up the other side.

Until then, people like Alexander are on their own, scared and waiting for someone to truly care.

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission