Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Weaponizing Alcohol and Infantalizing Women

And so, the infantilization of women continues - this time in the military.

Alcohol is now classified as a weapon that can be used against someone (women) as a weapon in order to rape them. As if rape were not already a serious enough offense, the military now feels that insulting women by implying they cannot make their own decisions about alcohol, and infantilizing them to the point of perpetual victims is an acceptable thing.

"During a November party, Air Force Academy junior cadet Daniel Ryerson allegedly supplied a woman with alcohol until she was unconscious, and then “carried” her to a bathroom where he sexually assaulted her."
 Let the bolded portion of that quote sink in for a moment - a woman was 'supplied alcohol until she was unconscious'. Did he force it down her throat? Did he put a gun to her head and make her drink to the point of passing out? Did he spike it with drugs? The answer to all these is no!

Indeed he committed a crime when/if he raped her, but she is the one who is ultimately responsible for how much alcohol she ingested, no one else. She could have refused the drinks at any time. She did not have to guzzle down every drink he supplied her. She could have used some commonsense at any point - She could have practiced a little restraint herself.

The current feminist culture is to take any and all responsibility away from women and place men in the role of constant caretaker. The feminists are in no way empowering women today - instead they are treating women like perpetual children who need constant supervision and care 24/7. Women are no longer independent individuals with the freedom to choose for themselves.

We teach our children responsibility and how to make good decisions. We teach them valuable life lessons so that they can one day leave home and enter the world as competent, self-sufficient individuals - except if they are female. Once a woman becomes 18 she is told all those lessons of responsibility, independence, and smart decision making can be tossed aside. She can regress into a perpetual state of childhood where none of her actions are her fault, and that she will forever have her hand-held. She is seen as incompetent, inept, and irresponsible for the rest of her life, and so nothing is ever really her fault.

It's pretty simple. We don't let children drink because we know it is dangerous and they cannot make good or safe decisions about alcohol, and will probably do something stupid if they are allowed to consume it. If a child consumes alcohol and does do something stupid, we blame the adults in that child's life and excuse it because they are children who don't know any better. Sound familiar ladies?

Women need to wake up and realize that modern-day feminism is not about the empowerment of women - It's, for lack of a better term and to coin a phrase from the feminists, a tool of the 'patriarchy', or in this case, matriarchy, that seeks to oppress women. Women are now oppressing women on a grander scale than men ever have. If women can't figure out this simple and obvious fact, then perhaps they truly are incompetent and need mens constant supervision and care - someone needs to be the adult here.

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission