Thursday, 5 February 2015

Why do I 'Care' About MGTOW? - Requested Article

One of my viewers on YouTube sent me the following request in the comments section of my 'How to be MGTOW' video:

Video Request: Hi Wooly, I would like to see a video on why you care about MGTOW? Why do you care what a small, loosely affiliated, group of men with no political or economic power does or calls itself? I think that would be fascinating.

This is a very good question that deserves a thoughtful reply since, having been asked this question, I have been giving this question quite a bit of thought.

The word 'care' when applied to MGTOW would not really be fitting here. I care about many things, but MGTOW is not something I really 'care' about. However, MGTOW is indeed something I find very interesting from many different perspectives such as those in the psychological, biological, neurological and genetic fields. I find it quite fascinating to observe the similar patterns of behavior and personality traits of the MGTOWs on-line, mostly those on YouTube where you can observe their physical and oral behavior more in-depth.

There is something to be said for the observable prevalence of comorbidity within the on-line MGTOW 'community', and I think it could be a very interesting field of study for those in areas like psychology, biology, genetics, neuroscience, etc... I think much can be learned here, and I think we will find that many of those men that identify as rigid MGTOWs have deep-seated psychological and mental issues that are currently being ignored by society, which leads to a segment of the population that is currently being overlooked by professionals and society as a whole - primarily because they are men.

While I find it all very interesting from a purely educational point of view, I also must admit that I find it amusing that the on-line MGTOW 'community' is as 'delicate' as it is. The need to constantly justify, explain, and rationalize their positions to both themselves and others, all the while attempting to shout-down, shame or denigrate those that do not agree with them or adhere to their narrow world view is quite telling on many levels. The old adage 'misery loves company' is quite fitting here. They lash out at anyone they feel has 'harmed' them, which can be for a myriad of reasons they feel are justifiable - the primary one being women - for either rejecting them, or for having had a woman that caused them some sort of emotional or physical pain in their lives at one point or another. To deal with their pain they feel almost compelled to inflict it on others.

Perhaps amusing is not the best word to describe it? Perhaps sad or even pitiful is more fitting. Either way, sometimes we cannot help but be captivated by disasters and marvel in the awesome destruction of all that surrounds them. Sometimes we stand there, knowing that what we are seeing or hearing is not something we should be entertained by, but we are none-the-less because of our tendency for finding entertainment value in whatever we see or hear, no matter how much we hate or refuse to admit it to ourselves.

Thanks to LifeAfterWomen for starting this discussion, and I hope this answers your question.

Written by Kristina Hansen
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