Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Davis Aurini Deletes the Skype Logs, but I Have Them Here.

 So it would seem the latest Davis Aurini 'dramz' is him deleting his 8000+ word post from his blog, which consisted mainly of the private Skype chat logs between Davis and Jordan that led up to their split a week ago.

Clicking on the link to his original blog post gives you the following:

It would seem that what he thought was 'damning evidence' against Jordan Owen became more like damning evidence against him for being such a colossal douchnozzle. Not only did he release private chats between himself and Jordan, which I find very scummy to do after professing a day or two before that he wouldn't, but he also released them with the sole purpose to smear and gaslight  Jordan. 

The lovely schadenfreude of it all is that those logs only served to make Davis look pretty horrible - at least to the unbiased and sane reader. I cannot fathom how Davis thought releasing any of that would make him look good. Well, then again, that would imply that he had been thinking in even some minor sense of the word, which he has a proven track record of having major problems with.

The awesome thing about the internet is that it doesn't forget, and even though Davis may have deleted the original 'article' from his website, it is still floating around in there. 

So for anyone interested, you can find the original cached article that Davis has deleted HERE, or you can go HERE / HERE for a text file copy.