Monday, 30 March 2015

I Will Never Teach my Son Not to Rape - An Open Letter to Feminists

Dear feminists.

You say that we need to teach boys not to rape - that boys need to be told this crucial message so they do not grow up and rape someone.

Your message implies that all boys are somehow born as sexual predators who need to be civilized - that all boys require corrective measures or they will grow up to be criminals.

You want me to teach my son not to rape. You want me to give him a message that would imply that he is a bad person just for being born male - that he is somehow inherently bad.

We, as a society, know that rape is bad. We know that to commit rape is a horrible criminal act with many dire consequences. We are taught those things regardless of our gender, in the same way that we are taught that murder is bad, yet you do not demand that I teach my son not to murder. Why is that feminists?

Did you, feminists, teach your fathers, brothers, or sons not to rape? If you didn't teach them not to rape are they now out there raping women? Are they still the uncivilized and potentially dangerous beasts you paint them to be because you never told them rape was bad?

Why do you want my son to be vilified and feel ashamed for being male? Why are you willing to place the burden of guilt on an innocent person? Why do you condemn him without him ever having done anything to warrant such condemnation?

My job as a mother is to raise my son to have a healthy self-esteem, strong moral compass, real compassion for others, and to make sure he always feels safe and loved. Telling him not to rape would make me a bad mother and a failure at my job. Why do you want me to be a bad mother feminists? Why do you want me to take those important things away from my son? Why do you want me to raise my son in an environment where he is given the message that his mother does not trust him, or that I think he is inherently a bad person?

Sorry feminists, but I will not send the message to my son that he was born a bad person, flawed, or a potential criminal just because you think men are born as dangerous beings that need to be somehow civilized. I will not place blame, condemnation, or vilify my son when he has never done anything to warrant that type of treatment.

He does not deserve your scorn, or for you to pass any judgement on him based only on his being male. My son will not be made to feel responsible for a crime he did not commit, and most likely never will.

My son deserves much better than what you are offering him, feminists. I love and respect my son, and I will never treat him with the scorn and condemnation you are asking me to treat him with. How can you ask a mother to betray their son like that? Have you no shame?

Sorry feminists, but my son deserves so much better than what you have to offer him. He deserves a mother who will never teach him that he is, in any way, a monster just because he is a boy.

I will never teach my son not to rape.

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission