Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Oh The Dramz!! Let's end this.

I swear it's like a constant train wreck between AVFM, MGTOW, JtO, Dianna Davison, and all the MRA's - Or maybe it's more like a clown car? Who the hell knows.

The latest seems to be about Karen Straughan and Dianna Davison (DD), DDs boobs, and KAren wanting to fuck DD. And then something about how that all led to Karen supposedly being blackmailed by JtO over DDs naked tits. Seriously I just don't really care about the details, but what I do find both hilarious and sad is that Paul Elam, Bar Bar, Dean Esmay, Karen Straughan, and other idiots in the comments section of DDs latest video think that dredging up ancient bullshit about me is a good deflection. Oh why couldn't they just leave it alone? But alas, they keep insisting they are right and that they somehow had proof I stole AVFM funds. Well, let's clear this all up once and for all shall we?

First, I raised money for the Earl Silverman Center myself. Paul decided to promote my project all on his own. I never asked him to do it - he did that all on his own. At the end of the donation drive I had raised a little over $5K and started working on the beginning stages of setting up the ESC. It was going well until I pissed off the MGTOWs with a video that I made, on my own, saying some MGTOWs were misogynistic assholes - notice the word 'some'. But apparently MGTOWs are hard of hearing and heard 'all'. Everyone got their panties in a twist and Paul told me to either retract my statements about MGTOW or GTFO. I told him no, that I would not step down from my position regarding MGTOW, so he 'fired' me. After that I was immediately labeled a feminist, anti-male, gynocentric bitch. I was also accused of theft for the money I raised for the ESC. This was AVFMs way of harpooning the project and smearing me out of spite. If they couldn't be attached to the activism I was doing, then they had to destroy it.

See Paul only is in this game for money and notoriety. If he can't profit from someone, then he tosses them. We all know this is true because he has publicly said exactly that in a video he did. The proof of what he said is out there for all to see. And now I shall put out the proof that I never stole anything, that Dean Esmay, who poses as a champion of truth and honesty, knowingly filed a false claim with Paypal and his Credit Card company in attempt to get his ESC donation back (which was indeed found to be a false claim on his part by the CC company and Paypal), and show that the funds were finally donated to CAFE, since the ESC ended up being dead inn the water, thanks to AVFM.

So lets begin with the bank account evidence everyone was screaming for. I did not feel that this was ever anyone's business, except for those directly involved with the ESC. But since AVFM and the haters will not leave this shit alone, even 2 years after the fact, I feel it is high time to put this out there for all to see.

The Misc Paypal deposits are the donation deposit transfers from Paypal to the ESC account. The money was always in that account. The 2 transfers were for ESC expenses - $100 for the filing of all the paperwork to register the ESC, and $1000 for gas, office supplies, and other misc fees. That was all of the donation money ever used for anything related to the ESC.

After the ESC was harpooned by AVFM, we were trying to decide what to do with the donation money. We finally decided to donate it to CAFE. Here are the conversations between myself and Murray Pearson, who was in charge of the funds at that time.

On 10/23/13 we discussed giving the donations to CAFE and agreed it would be the best thing to do:

The following is the comment that Murray Pearson left on the CAFE donation site after donating $5000 to them:


 On 26/10/13 we discussed how Justin Trottier from CAFE congratulated us for the large donation:


On 28/10/13 Murray Pearson said that Justin Trottier wanted us to soft-pedal the donation. This was when I found out that Murray Pearson had donated it all in his name, and not in the ESC's name. 

After this conversation there was confusion on my part as to why Murray had donated the money in his name and not the ESC. He said it was because CAFE did not want any drama that was related to AVFM and the ESC brouhaha. This made sense to me, but regardless of the name it was donated in, the proof is here that it was indeed donated to CAFE and we did not 'abscond' with any money from the ESC donations, as AVFM would like everyone to believe.

And let's remember, AVFM and all the bullshitters there even admitted they never had any proof of me, or anyone else involved with the ESC, taking any money:

Well Suz, you are right that no laws were broken. No money was ever stolen, and now you have the proof.

"At least, that's how we feel." Well, your feelz were wrong Dean. Thanks for another admission of there being no proof, only da feelz.

 "In fact we have no knowledge of Kristina being guilty of anything..." Ah, thank you again for admitting you made all these accusations up. Pulled all this bullshit out of your ass did you? Hmmm...

"Joel is demanding to see our evidence. Of course we have none..." And again, the admission they never had any evidence of anything.

But I do however have evidence of one person at AVFM being a bald faced liar. Someone who tried to commit a real case of fraud and was caught in the act by his own credit card company and Paypal - Yes, Dean Esmay, I am talking about you:

He claimed that the donation to the ESC was an 'Unauthorized Transaction', which means he claimed he had no knowledge of that charge being made to his credit card. This was blatantly a false claim on his part, and an attempt at claiming a fraud was committed with his CC company and Paypal when he knew full well that there had actually been no fraud committed - in the process of doing this false claim he was the one committing the fraud by lying to the CC company and Paypal.

So I sent Paypal all the evidence I had that Dean had donated the money willingly, and with his knowledge. A few weeks later, after the CC company and Paypal had investigated, I got the following reply (The full readable text of it is below):

Chargeback dispute settled in your favor: Case #PP-002-539-350-431

Add to contacts
Hello Hansen Soap Co,
We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully disputed chargeback
case #PP-002-539-350-431.  The buyer's card issuer has decided in your
favor and within seven days you will receive reimbursement for $511.62 USD.
It is PayPal's standard practice to dispute wrongful chargebacks. One of
the benefits of using PayPal is that our team of chargeback specialists
will gather the necessary information from you and work with the credit
card company until the chargeback is resolved.
We appreciate your prompt response to our request for information about
this transaction.
Transaction Details
Buyer's name: Dean's World
Buyer's email:
Transaction ID: 3B5758814T384153M
Transaction date: Apr 29, 2013
Transaction amount: -$525.00 USD
Case #: PP-002-539-350-431
Your transaction ID: 56551496G9767682W
What to Do Next
This case is now closed. No further action is required of you.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation in helping us resolve this
matter as quickly as possible. We appreciate your business and regret that
you experienced a chargeback. 
For an overview of how PayPal works with you to investigate chargebacks,
log in to your account, click the Resolution Center tab, and then click the
Resolution Center Tutorials link.
Chargeback Department
Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you
will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account
and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.
Copyright © 1999-2013 PayPal. All rights reserved.


So there you have it folks. Proof nothing was stolen from the ESC donations. Proof that AVFM never had any evidence of any wrongdoing on my part, and evidence that, if anything, the one who attempted to commit any fraud of any kind was indeed Dean Esmay.

The moral of the story? Paul Elam, Dean Esmay, Suz, Karen Straughan, and all the other idiots that believed this bullshit story are in the habit of blaming others and deflecting their own shortcomings onto others for their own sick amusement. They assumed I was a thief because they are themselves thieves. The proof is all over AVFM that Paul Elam keeps all the AVFM money for his own personal needs. He had admitted he uses people and, recently, has publicly said he will not do anything to help men in any real way. All that money AVFM gets is used to keep Paul in his cushy condo that he purchased in 2012, ironically only a few days before one of his large fundraisers.

The fundraiser was on the 23rd of September, 2012. He purchased his condo on the 18th, as you can see below. He made 10K during that fundraiser. A nice little sum to pocket after having to put down a few grand on a mortgage, unless he bought it outright with all the other fundraiser donations he had been pocketing before this one.

A nice place to live eh?

I got all this info very easily on Google with Paul's full address that was leaked by Nocturnus Libertus on her blog last year. And no, I will not leak that info. If you want it, go find it. It's not that hard to do with Pauls name and city/state etc...

This is just all to show how these known and admitted shysters project their own personalities onto others - assuming everyone is out to get them because they are actually the ones out to get everyone themselves. A thief always suspects everyone of stealing their shit.

So, I hope this clears everything up. After 2 years of bullshit from AVFM and the MRAs I don't expect any actual apologies. I would probably faint if any of them did suck up their pride and admit they were just out to smear me with lies. But you now have all the proof you need here. Anyone claiming I committed any fraud or theft from here on in is just being willfully ignorant and a complete douchebag.

Oh, and we told you so!


As many people have wanted to see proof that the money was donated to CAFE, I finally have the screenshots from, which was the project we donated to CAFE for, in Murray Pearson's name. Justin Trottier, the founder of CAFE, did not want anything to do with the drama from AVFM or the ESC (who could blame him), so the only way he would accept the donation, was in Murray's name. You can see our conversation above regarding this.

This is where you can find the Founders List.

As you can see, Murray Pearson is listed as a founder for having made a donation of 5K to them. This was the ESC money, as was already stated.

I wish and CAFE much success. At least the money has gone to good use to help men, which is what it was intended for. It may not be a men's shelter, but after the ESC was harpooned by AVFM, I feel that the money that was intended for us to create a men's shelter has gone to a wonderful cause for helping men in need.

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission