Friday, 17 April 2015

Anita Sarkeesian - One of Time’s 100 Most Influential People? In a Bad Way.

Seems that Anita Sarkeesian has been chosen to represent 'Gaming' in Time's 100 Most Influential People, and I can predict that the gaming community is losing their collective shit over this recent announcement, and rightly so. She represents gaming in the same way the KKK represents multiculturalism, and to put her in the gaming category as the one to represent it is a huge insult to the gaming community as a whole.

Time has chosen Anita, a feminist that basically knows nothing about and hates everything about games to represent games? How does that even make sense? She is not a 'life long gamer', as she claims to be in her Time bio. She has admitted publicly that she is 'not a fan of video games' and that she had to 'learn a lot about video games in the process.' If anyone wants to see a whole series of videos debunking Anita's feminist 'logic', go to Thunderfoot's YouTube channel. He has quite a few videos in a playlist that are all very well researched and presented about Anita and her gaming/feminist bullshit.

Anita is nothing more than a fraud that has been ass-kissed the whole way by other feminists that basically hate anything male, and uphold women to be so special that they need the kid glove treatment constantly. And now that she has gotten into Time's top 100 list, she is gaining even more support for her professionally crafted victimhood character. Wil Wheaton was the one who wrote her bio for Time. I never liked him, and his character on Star Trek Next Gen. was major weaksauce, but now I just totally want to barf knowing he is a supporter of Anita. But then again he always struck me as not being the brightest bulb in the box.

However, Time is not wrong in saying she is influential. She is indeed influential, but not in any positive ways. She, and her ilk, have now created an exceptionally hostile environment for all women - one that did not really exist before these feminists busted onto the scene and made women in gaming, as well as comics, all look like whining, complaining, victim-playing little bitches. Now we women in those communities are all bearing the proverbial scarlet letter thanks to Anita and her feminist ilk.

All women are now seen as a 'feminist threat' in the gaming and comics communities because we are now being lumped in with these whining Anitaesque feminists. What Anita and her ilk have done is make it almost impossible for any women to be taken seriously in any aspect of the gaming or comics communities now. Men are either afraid of saying anything to us women for fear of any possible feminist backlash, or they are immediately hostile towards us women for those same types of reasons. And I don't blame them at all.

Men in the gaming and comics communities are now in the sad and confusing positions of not knowing how to react to any women within these communities. The feminists have made it so uncomfortable for everyone that the men just have no clue how to react to women in their midst anymore. Many have chosen to pander to the feminists, and in turn are pandering to all women which is just plain insulting. But it's not the men's fault. They are just trying to protect themselves, and who could blame them really? They have been put in such a horrible position now that I do not envy them one bit.

What used to be a laid-back environment where 'trash talk' was nothing more than just that, with no actual hatred for women or misogyny, has now become a virtual minefield where men are constantly being accused of misogyny, hate speech, and sexism by feminists.

Most women in these communities did not see any problems before because there actually weren't any. Sure some people can be assholes, but that happens in all communities everywhere. Encountering an asshole is just a part of life, and if you are an adult you ignore them and move on. You don't go cry in a corner like a child/feminist.

Most on-line gamers don't even know the genders of the people they play against, and don't care. If you can play, you play. And part of the playing includes trash-talk which both men and women engage in all the time. It used to be fun, and no one got their undies in a massive twist over any of it - Until the feminists entered the scene that is. Apparently they don't know where the off switch is for their consoles, or how to ignore assholes. And because of that we all must now pay the price for their inability to deal with life.

Feminists see victims everywhere they look. Nothing is acceptable and everyone has to curb their language for them or they risk a massive backlash like we are now seeing. Feminists can't deal with any adversity or reality, and they are hell bent on creating a utopian state where nothing uncomfortable ever happens - which is realistically impossible to attain, especially when everything makes them feel uncomfortable. But they don't care. Their fragile feelings are all that matter, no one elses are ever taken into consideration. If you say or do anything they don't like then you are the one who is in the wrong and to hell with what your opinions or feelings are. They will tar and feather you and drag you through the streets in order to humiliate you in front of everyone. This is how they work, and I do not blame men for being scared or angry at them for turning what was once a fun and enjoyable community into one that has to constantly pander to these feminists, or risk becoming one of their publicly vilified victims.

Women are now being told by feminists how they should be treated within these communities. Feminists are telling women like me that a guy trash-talking me is misogyny and hateful. That any guy saying anything 'insulting' is his way of expressing his absolute hatred and contempt for me as a woman, and for all women. That when I play a game with any scantily dressed women in it I am being somehow oppressed, and if I, as a woman, refuse to speak out against any of these things, I am somehow complicit in hurting women everywhere.

The message is plain insulting to me. I am an adult and fully capable of deciding on my own what I find 'acceptable' or not. And you know what I do when some guy trash talks me? I trash talk back. I don't go cry in a corner and then run to feminists to affirm my victimhood. I am fully capable of handling myself in these communities and proving myself on my own thank you very much. I don't need people like Anita or her ilk telling me how I should think, act, or feel. I am not a drone, I am an adult with the full capacity to speak for myself. And I respect other women by letting them do the same. Who am I to presume to be able to speak on behalf of all women? How insulting would that be for me to assume that what I may or may not find offensive is what all other women do too? To lump all women together without any consideration that they are actually individuals with their own free-will and ability to speak for themselves? As a woman you should be outraged and insulted that someone has presumed to be able to speak for you without your consent - To treat you like a child who doesn't know what is best for herself.

I truly resent having feminists presume they have the right to speak for women like me. I am not a child, and I do not need these mentally stunted people representing me, or any other women, in these communities. If they don't like how these communities are, then get the fuck out. Go make your own little club off to the side and play your little gender neutral games while patting each other on the back - Leave the adults to their games and let them decide how they will handle their own shit.

Now, thanks to these feminists, I am in the position where I have to convince guys that I am not a feminist that will jump down his throat for anything he says or does. I have to convince guys that I am not there to tell them what to do or how to do it - that I am not going to go cry victim in a corner if they say something that a feminist may find offensive. I have to now fight to be accepted in these communities as an adult instead of a feminist, and that is infuriating.

These feminists have taken away the equality and acceptance we women already had in these communities and replaced it with their feminist view that all women in these communities are now fragile little flowers that can't deal with anything.

Anita and her ilk have not helped women in these communities at all. They have done the complete opposite and made it highly uncomfortable for women like me, and for all the men as well. They have fractured a community that was quite happy and enjoyable before they came along with their shaming of men and constant victimhood of women.

Feminists need to back off and let women fight their own battles, if they ever encounter any that they feel need to be fought. Stop treating women like incompetent little children and let us decide what is or is not acceptable based on our own individual experiences. Stop coming into spaces where you are not welcome and attempting to control everything. Stop presuming to speak for me, or any other women in these communities - You are not welcome here.

Seriously, just get the fuck out and go cry about how horrible your lives are over in a corner somewhere else. I'll stick to the fun of trash-talking in games and deciding for myself what is or is not acceptable - That's what we adults do.

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission