Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sexism and Pandering in the Comic Industry.

sexism, sexism, SEXISM! That's all we seem to be hearing from feminists lately, and it is always about how women are portrayed as sexual objects or window dressings in games, comics, movies, etc... Anita Sarkeesian is one of the most vocal fans of sexism and the sexual objectification of women in games, even though she admitted she hardly knows anything about video games or even bothers to actually play them.

There is now a large and ever growing group of feminists crying sexism in the comics industry which has led to the gender reversal of many iconic superheroes from male to female. Thor is now a woman so we can appease the whiny masses. Why don't we just make Jesus into a woman? Santa Claus? Perhaps we should just dress up all our iconic male heroes in drag now, feminize them, and call it a day?

The industry is sadly pandering to these problem inventing feminists, and in the process are allowing them to imagine that their privileged western world non-issues are actually important issues that deserve some sort of actual attention. The industry has made a huge error in giving into these feminist delusions. By allowing them a voice they are allowing bad ideas to dictate a new standard that everyone must now follow and agree with. The idea that everyone has a right to be heard and that their opinions/beliefs actually matter is a myth. The reality is that bad opinions, beliefs and ideas should be put exactly where they belong - in a dark corner where no one pays them any attention. They should not be given a second thought or any consideration. They should be outright dismissed.

Those who support and pander to these bad ideas, which includes the comics industry, are now complicit in supporting the idea that women need to be given special attention and treatment - a leg up - because they are incapable of achieving anything on their own unless someone throws a public tantrum like a toddler until they are heard. Instead of creating new female characters they appropriate iconic male ones and turn them into females. Not only is this insulting to men by saying that the male character was somehow flawed and could only be fixed by turning them into a woman, but it also insults women because you are sending the message that the creation of a new female character would not have been as successful, so the only way a female character can succeed is to ride on the coattails of a male one. It's just another way that feminism has managed to infantilize and insult women by telling women the only way they can be successful is on the backs of others.

The industry needs to stop pandering to these people. They need to stand up and realize that what they are doing is not empowering women at all, but rather it is downright insulting them. An empowered and successful person does not ask for permission to succeed, nor do they take kindly to pandering. So why is it that feminists are constantly demanding both be done for women? It's because at feminism's core women are seen as incapable of anything without being hand-held or pandered to. If feminists allowed women to take the initiative to be successful and empowered as individuals if they so desired, then feminism would no longer be needed. But feminism has molly-coddled women for so long that women no longer know how to be successful or empowered without it. Feminism has created a completely dependent gender with no idea of how to succeed or achieve anything without riding on the backs of others. Women no longer have any real individual identity or esteem - it has all been so deeply intertwined with feminism that women are now seen as the gender that constantly needs to be pandered to and propped-up.

And thanks to large industries, like the comics one, we are further reinforcing the idea that women are only as capable as children and need to be treated as such. Turning our iconic male superheroes into female ones is a major mistake that brings with it a whole host of negative consequences that I am sure the comics industry had not even considered when they jumped onto the feminist pander-wagon.

But all hope is not lost if the industry is made aware of it's error by those that support it. If there is push-back over the appropriation of our iconic male superheroes and large vocal condemnation of it we can turn the tide and force the industry to re-think it's pandering errors. We need to insist that this type of female infantilization and degradation of men has to stop, and the way to do it is to hit them in their pocketbooks. After all, it is an industry that makes billions off their fans every year. If their profits go down they will get the message, and hopefully they will realize that gender-reassignment of our heroes was not the way to go.

No one is saying don't have strong, empowered female heroes - just let them become great heroes on their own without riding on the backs of others, like feminists already do in real life.

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission