Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Mens Rights Movement Needs a Major Over-Haul

The Mens Rights Movement (MRM) as we know it today has become a useless, incompetent, inactive, and ineffective movement. In fact it no longer has any real qualities of an activist movement, but rather it is quite similar to a nasty bowel movement. It has completely gone down the shitter, and rightly so with the likes of Paul Elam and AVFM at the helm. They have done nothing to help men, and never will. Elam has admitted as much, and his Titanic of a website is taking on water, fast.

AVFM has indeed put the MRM on the map, but in the worst way possible. It has a horrible history of inflammatory and shoddy articles written by amateurs who have no clue how to really write or research anything. Most of their raison-d'etre seems to be in creating inflammatory articles, starting drama after drama, and doing absolutely nothing to actually help men.

I have to admit that it has indeed achieved one thing though - it has been able to get itself listed as a hate site with the SPLC, and other hate-site watching organizations. This is great news for the MRM isn't it? Every time someone declares that they are an MRA, they are immediately accused of being part of a hate group/movement because of the great work AVFM has done. MRAs are seen as favorably as the KKK or white supremacists which is so helpful for everyone involved.

The MRM needs to seriously clean house and undergo a major re-haul if it ever wants to do anything real to help men. It needs to re-brand and re-focus. It needs to accept that the old ways of doing things are not working and that change needs to happen - that is if the MRM is indeed truly interested in helping men instead of acting like gossiping old hens, or children having a tantrum in the sandbox.

Focusing on what feminism is doing wrong, or how they are behaving, etc... does nothing for men's rights. All it does is satisfy a useless need to badmouth the opposing side. What really needs to happen is for the MRM to stop focusing on feminism and start focusing squarely on men and the issues that men face. There needs to be a new movement that does not waste so much time and effort on attacking feminism, but rather focuses all of it's time and energy changing and improving things for men. It needs to leave the animosity and hatred for feminism aside and focus on what is truly important - because having a mens rights movement that talks about and bashes feminism 99% of the time is useless to men who truly need help. Bashing feminism does not shelter, feed, protect, or save men. It only serves to make the MRM look completely bitter, incompetent, gossipy, and useless.

Unless the MRM cleans house, it will never get anywhere. It is a joke in it's current state and until things seriously change, it always will be. I for one don't think mens issues are a joke, do you? Maybe it's time to stand up and demand better - demand change.

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission