Nine miners who were trapped underground for nearly 18 hours in northwestern Quebec have been rescued and are not injured. All of the miners were men. It is the second such incident at the mine in four months.

Feminists love to complain about the 'under-representation of women' in white collar jobs/careers, but you never seem to hear a peep from them when you mention dangerous, labor intensive, dirty, and demanding jobs/trades like mining, working on oil rigs, underwater welding, garbage collection, sewage maintenance/repair, the logging industry, etc... Nope, feminists are nowhere to be seen when it comes to those types of jobs & careers because they only want parity when it is easy and safe. Those dangerous and dirty jobs? Leave those to the men, they can keep them, right?

The thing that is amusing to me is that, feminists are always complaining about the 'wage gap', yet they refuse to do any hard work and still demand 'equal pay'. Maybe, if feminists showed that women were willing to put in all the sweat and tears that men have for centuries now, they'd be taken a bit more seriously. But as it stands, all feminists truly want are the cushy, safe jobs - and they want them by demanding that the bar be lowered onto the floor for them so they can just step over it with no effort whatsoever. They lobby for & demand laws requiring quotas. For this they demand equal pay? I don't think so. Unless you are willing to put in some real effort, no one should have to reward you just for showing up. This is not T-Ball where everyone gets a nice shiny trophy just for having been present. If that's what you want, you are basically saying you are about as competent as a cabbage.

If feminists want true 'equality' then they have to take the good with the bad. You cannot say you only want equality to apply to the things you like - that is not equality, that is asking for preferential treatment based on gender.

And let's not forget - the 'wage gap' only really applies to those people that fall into high income brackets. You know, the CEO's and Wall Street types. There is no 'wage gap' for a person working at a fast-food joint. I guarantee you all those employees - male, female, black, brown, white, etc... - are all getting paid the exact same shitty rate per hour for the exact same shitty job. But again, no feminist wants those menial jobs, so who cares about any gender-disparity or making a living wage at a fast-food joint? It's not about equality for those people, only the ones working to pay off their new BMWs and upscale townhouses count, even though many single moms and minority women work at those shitty places for minimum wage. But who cares right?  Who cares about the increased self esteem of making a decent, living wage? Who cares about minority single moms who would stand to benefit financially and socially from minimum wage legislation?

It's the white CEO moms - the Hillarys, Valentis, Marcottes and Allreds of the world - and the upper middle-class women who are unwilling to shoulder any increased expenses that would come from a higher minimum wage, like higher child care expenses, higher prices for their lattes and fast-food, higher prices in retail stores, and paying more for their housekeepers - all which, coincidence of coincidences, would most likely mean a minority woman would be working in those menial positions.

Feminism. We're here for you white, privileged, upper middle-class women - everyone else get the fuck out.

Written by Kristina Hansen
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