Thursday, 14 May 2015

Freedom of Speech is Offensive When Done Wrong - #FHRITP

Freedom of speech only applies to those that toe the feminist line. At least that is where we are now sadly headed.

For over a year now there has been a new idiotic trend making the rounds where people yell 'Fuck her right in the pussy' (FHRITP) when ever there is a reporter doing a news story. It is about as brilliant as past trends like planking, condom snorting, and the cinnamon challenge. Not exactly high-brow stuff, but that's not the point here.

The idea behind this FHRITP thing was that it is considered taboo to say 'fuck' or 'pussy' on the news, so one man decided to start yelling the phrase FHRITP into reporters microphones as a joke, and to challenge the taboo of saying those words on live TV.

I have to say, it's not exactly a classy thing to do and it comes off as completely juvenile and childish, but my opinion on that score doesn't matter. We have this little thing here called freedom of speech. As long as he is not physically harming anyone or inciting violence, he has the right to express himself in any way he chooses. It may be childish, it may be annoying, it may even be offensive, but he has the right to say it.

Feminists, however are up in arms about this and are demanding blood. They are calling it offensive misogynistic speech that is inciting hate and violence towards women. Some feminists are saying it promotes rape and encourages men to 'commit acts of violence on a woman's private parts'*. But then they also say, in the same breath, that it is stupid, childish, and goofy*.

The fact is that it literally cannot be stupid, childish, or goofy, as well as violent hatred which promotes rape. These things cannot consistently go together, but since when are ideological feminists ever really consistent?

Regardless of the inconsistency of their own hypocritical positions, and the fact that saying FHRITP is not, and never was about being violent or hateful or promoting rape, feminists have now found a new victim for their cause and trotted out that same old feminist bullshit - that some words a man said have hurt their feelings and offended their delicate sensibilities, and should thus be banned.

They are hell bent on using this man, whose friend recently jumped on the FHRITP bandwagon and yelled it at CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt, as the latest example of what can happen to men when they don't toe the feminist line. They are using scare tactics and bullying to silence those that do not adhere to their beliefs or codes of conduct.

Hunt immediately turned the camera on the man's friend who yelled FHRITP, and his other friends, and confronted them about it. I have no problem with Hunt exercising her right to free speech here as well, and I commend her for standing up for herself, as she was well within her right to do so. And that is where it should have ended. However, it is what happened after Hunt's confrontation of the men that goes way beyond reason and straight into something out of George Orwell's 1984.

A little back ground first:

Shawn Simoes, had been at a soccer game, was a little drunk, with his buddies, and having a good time. He was not the one who yelled FHRITP into Shauna's mic, but Simoes is shown in the video she filmed using an expletive and calling his friend's use of FHRITP hilarious. Understandably he got some push-back from her - no big deal right? Well, not really.

So, what exactly happened after this whole confrontation was filmed by Hunt and then aired on CityNews?

His employer, Hydro One in Ontario, almost immediately fired him for saying what he did to Hunt. And the kicker? Simoes had said it while was on his own time and off Hydro One's property. Not only that, but he was also 'banned for a full year from all sports games of the soccer club and other teams owned by Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, which include the NHL Maple Leafs and NBA Toronto Raptors.' If that weren't bad enough, some want even more punishment to be exacted on him in the form of possible criminal charges being laid against him under the Hate Speech Provisions of Canadian law* - which have already been declared unconstitutional in several jurisdictions, most notably in Ontario - where this incident took place.

This is complete and utter insanity. Simoes wasn't even the one who yelled FHRITP, and look at what feminists think an appropriate punishment for him consists of - it is completely out of proportion to the stupid and childish remarks he made. There is no way to sanely say that he deserves this much scorn, vilification, and punishment for what he said. But then you have the complete hypocrisy of Hydro One where a female employee, Afreeda Zaman, who has publicly said some horribly anti-Semitic things,  and yet she still has her job over a year later and there has been no public outcry demanding that she be fired or brought up on criminal charges for hate speech. But she's a woman, and so she gets a free pass from the feminists simply because of her gender.

This is reminiscent of Donglegate, where another feminist overreacted to comments she overheard and had a man fired because what he said offended her. Thankfully, she too was fired even though 'the company supported her right to report the incident, they did not support the means by which she did it or the extreme responses that came from it. Her actions strongly divided the same community she was supposed to unite, making her unable to effectively do her job." Sadly, in Simoes' case, Shauna Hunt is not being punished for blatantly misusing her position of authority to publicly shame him. If anything, Hunt and CityNews are the ones who should be held to a much higher standard, since she and CItyNews are the ones who held all the power in this instance, and abused it to publicly shame and vilify Simoes.

The video CityNews released was not aired live, and therefore there was indeed time to consider what consequences the actions of releasing the video may have had. CityNews had a choice - they chose to use their position of power to publicly shame and vilify someone - to destroy a man's career - and for what? For a stupid drunken prank? For a bad decision? For saying something 'offensive'? Why don't we just shame and vilify everyone now, because no one is immune form doing or saying stupid shit, and everyone will eventually offend someone with something they say at some point. So let's just go around firing and vilifying everyone for anything we feel is wrong, stupid, or offensive. Let's all bring back witch hunts and public lynchings again so we can appease the easily offended.

Since when did an individuals delicate feelings and personal beliefs about what is or isn't offensive trump the rights of others to free speech? Apparently I missed that memo.

But this is where we are now headed folks. Feminists have now made everything they don't like into an irredeemable offense in the court of public opinion - and it's a loud angry one* that too many are ready to blindly pander to for fear of being 'othered' or called a sexist misogynist. Too may people are now 'going along to get along' without speaking up and denouncing this bad behavior because they know they will get publicly vilified for it if they do. It needs to stop, and people need to stand up now and demand better, for all our sakes.

The fact is that feminism is based on pseudo-science and ignores hard facts repeatedly. It is an anti-science secular religion masquerading as a moral cause. It is completely based on ideology and strict adherence to it's tenets by it's members. It has it's own language, belief system, codes of conduct, moral standards, and it cherry-picks what ever suits it's purpose while being completely hypocritical on a constant basis.

A great example of it's hypocrisy can be found in this whole FHRITP issue. Some have said that Simoes was drunk, and that he didn't mean what he said because of that. Feminists argue that his being drunk is not an excuse for what he said*. Well then, by that same logic, any woman who is drunk is therefor able to consent to sex and cannot claim it was rape after the fact. This is what feminists like to insist - that if a woman is drunk, it is not ok to ever have sex with her, even if she says yes, because being drunk means you are not in full control of yourself and that means you are taking advantage of her and committing rape. You can't have it both ways feminists. Choose one and try to remain consistent.

We see it over and over again with feminists - one set of rules for women, as we saw earlier in regards to Afreeda Zaman not being fired for her offensive remarks, and another set of rules for men like Simoes, where his offensive remarks are now a fire-able offense. This is not how life works unless you are perfectly fine with being a complete bigot and hypocrite, and admitting that one group of people is inherently better than another. Do we really want to head down this road where outright segregation becomes acceptable again, only this time based on gender?

The reality is that first-world modern-day feminism is one of the worst things to happen to society. It is setting us all back by leaps and bounds. It is anti-science, full of personal belief, based on feelings, and relies on cherry-picked 'facts' and the fetishization of women. It is creeping into every facet of our culture and daily lives. It is infantilizing, dis-empowering, condescending, and degrading towards all women. It is hateful, callous, dismissive, and oppressive towards all men, and it preys on the weak-minded and vulnerable. Feminism is a religion. You don't need a deity to have a religion, but you do need some form of original sin, and men are guilty of it by merely having been born male.

I am not being hyperbolic or tinfoil hat crazy here. I am sadly speaking the truth about feminism and how disgustingly perverted it has now become. It has become a cult where women are taught that anything that makes them feel bad or uncomfortable is more important than anything or anyone else, and that the whole damned world needs to stop and pay attention to them when ever they say so because they are so damned special and delicate. They demand special treatment, privileges, and constant molly-coddling from everyone just because they are women. They demand that nothing offends them, and if something does, they demand that everyone else needs to take care of it for them post-haste, because if not, they will yell and scream even louder and vilify you until they get what they want. This is not freedom, this is coercion. They demand a candy bar or they will pitch another tantrum - and everyone keeps giving them damned candy bars to appease them.

And if you happen to be a woman, like me, who sees through all their bullshit and refuses to jump on the feminist bandwagon, you are told you either are self-loathing*, have been brainwashed by the patriarchy, or don't understand what feminism really is at all. You're told that if you would just give feminism a chance, you'd see how awesome it is for you and everyone else and how, as a woman, you really do need feminism to save you and keep you safe from the evil misogynistic men and their toxic masculinity. Yes, that is what women like me are told when we speak up. It's a shaming/scare tactic designed to make you feel othered and unsafe - to feel like they are offering you salvation and protection from these evil things. It's a con game, just like all religions.

Peoples freedoms are seriously being taken away by feminism, and unless people start pushing back and standing up against it en masse, nothing will get better. More individual freedoms will fall by the wayside until we are left with nothing but an Orwellian way of life.

I for one will not sit idly by while our freedoms are removed one by one. Will you?

Stop being afraid to speak out and be different. Stop being afraid of being an independent and confident individual. Stop being afraid of these bullies and fight back. Stop watching others needlessly suffer because you are too afraid to step-up and say 'no'. Stop pandering to popular opinion and speak-up. Stop being told how to think and start really thinking for yourself. Question everything and follow things to their rational conclusions. Start using facts and intellect instead of your emotions and personal beliefs. We all deserve so much more than what feminism has to offer us - I know that my kids deserve for me to fight for them to have a better future, and so do yours.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

                                                                                                   ~ Neimoller

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Written by Kristina Hansen
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