Monday, 18 May 2015

Here's Why MRAs are Being Lumped in With PUAs and Other Idiots

There seems to be a bit of a shit storm where feminist media outlets are saying that MRAs are boycotting the movie Mad Max Fury Road because the movie has a strong 'feminist agenda' attached to it. Regardless of what 'agenda' the movie may have, the boycott idea started over at Return of Kings with an article written by Aaron Clarey. Clarey is best known for being a white nationalist piece of crap and all round douche bag, which makes him a perfect fit as a writer over at the Return of Kings (ROK) site.

So why are MRAs being lumped in with the likes of Clarey and the other assholes at Return of Kings? Perhaps it is because AVFM, which for better or worse is the best known site representing the MRM, has lately been posting articles and interviews with Roosh (the creator and owner of Return of Kings). Perhaps it's because Paul Elam, the creator and owner of AVFM, has allowed Arron Clarey to post an excerpt of his condescending and racist book to the site? Perhaps it's because there is some guilt by association to be had when the owner of the most prominent site for men's rights, Paul Elam, decides to promote and support these white nationalist, racist, pseudo-science supporting, Ayn Rand Libertarian asshats by giving them positive air time on his site.

Edited to add: AVFM has also released another sad attempt at 'satire' by announcing that it supports Aaron Clarey in the name of all MRAs. This is the type of juvenile behavior that does nothing to help men or MRAs. 

Deny it all you like, but Elam is the one who makes all the final decisions at AVFM, and posting anything that even mildly supports Clarey, Roosh, or anyone else with an affiliation to the likes of ROK or other groups/sites that support things like white nationalism, racism, blatant misogyny, pseudo-science, or Ayn Rand Libertarian nonsense, means you will be seen as being guilty by association. Not to mention completely ignorant and uneducated.

The thing is that the MRM and MRAs are already seen in a negative light by most, and doing things the way AVFM has been doing them do not help MRAs at all. AVFM has never once tried to clean up their act and focus solely on men's issues by leaving their personal beliefs and politics at the door. The only interest AVFM has is to write inflammatory click-bait to make more money. Paul has said it publicly, and it is no secret that those at AVFM have no real interest in helping men in any significant way. So of course MRAs are going to get lumped in with the other useless assholes of the greater 'manosphere'. Was it any surprise really?

I've said it before - MRAs need to seriously start policing themselves and loudly denouncing the idiots that give all MRAs a bad name, especially AVFM which has done nothing positive or helpful for any serious MRAs out there, but is still seen as the 'face' of men's rights by the wider public. If MRAs are serious about mens rights and truly want to create positive change for all men, they need to seriously clean house and start to get shit done by focusing on issues that really matter instead of continuing on this AVFM induced downward spiral into the great abyss, where the only important thing is creating constant drama and picking fights with feminists without any real intellectual arguments to back up their positions - name calling and writing so-called 'satire' is not going to help your position or win you any arguments, let alone make you look very intelligent.

There is an idea that AVFM likes to promote - that 'being nice doesn't work'. Perhaps this is true, but coming off as an uneducated reactionary idiot whose only response is to yell and call their opposition names doesn't work either. You don't look very good when your only response to your opponent is to pitch a tantrum. There is a difference between being nice and forming solid arguments based on facts and reason.

Building a solid and well researched position is not being 'nice', and when done well it removes the need for pitching an emotional fit that your opponent can then point to, laugh at, and ignore. A solid and well researched argument based on real facts - not pseudo-science like evo-psych or biological determinism, which are not based in any credible science - tends to make your opponent pitch a fit because they cannot poke any holes in it. They are then the ones who come off as the reactionary uneducated idiots. This is how you move forward positively and effectively - not by acting like complete ignorant fools with nothing more than an axe to grind.

Remember, you are the one who chooses to label yourself an MRA, and that means you are choosing to associate yourself with these types of intellectually inept/dishonest assholes. That is your choice and no one elses. If you like all the drama, name-calling, pseudo-science, and click-bait bullshit, then by all means keep doing what you're doing. Just don't start to complain when everyone lumps you in with the likes of Roosh, Clarey, and other ignorant assholes. Until you toss out the garbage in your own group, or choose to no longer associate with that group, then expect some of the stink to get on you.

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission