Monday, 11 May 2015

Is Feminism Ultimately to Blame for the Murder of Grace Mann?

I have been following the news in regards to the murder of Grace Mann, a Feminists United Club member who had been subject to Yik Yak threats of physical and sexual violence, and was killed on April 17 by asphyxia via strangulation.

While it is very sad that this woman's life was taken in such a horrible way, I cannot help but feel that the one's ultimately responsible for her death are the feminists themselves, and here's why.

Feminism has been pounding this idea into young women's heads that they are basically allowed to say or do anything without facing any actual consequences, because they are women. Feminism teaches young women, mostly college and university aged women, that they have the absolute right to never feel uncomfortable or offended in any way, because they are women, and that that right trumps all other rights for everyone else - because a woman's feelings and desires are more important than anything else. If a woman on campus feels threatened or uncomfortable in any way, the whole world must stop and pay attention to her needs and desires, and no one elses. Everyone must jump at the drop of a hat to fix the problem she feels is a problem, and fix it to her complete satisfaction, post haste, or she will feel even more uncomfortable and violated.

This is what feminism is teaching young women - that they are special snowflakes that deserve all the attention and accommodation they desire, in the way that they demand, whenever they perceive something to be offensive or hateful. The people who do not ascribe to this self-centered and entitled attitude or the sub-culture encouraged by feminism are getting fed-up. And who could blame them really?

Men on campus are bombarded with constant messages that they are bad people based solely on the fact that they are male. They are told over and over that they are inherent rapists, and that they are the only ones who can stop rape by not giving into their 'toxic masculinity' - by not raping a woman.

Men are being given the unreasonable double burden of having to bear the proverbial Mark of Cain, and to be solely responsible for the safety of all women. And when a man makes a mistake, or does something bad, all men are cast as villains and suffer for it because men are no longer being seen as individuals, but as a collective that is guilty by association - the association of gender.

It is no longer the case that an individual man can be bad or commit a crime. Now when one man does something egregious, all men are held collectively responsible for that one person's actions under the umbrella of things like toxic masculinity, systematic violence against women, rampant rape culture, or the sexual objectification of women, just to name a few.

Many colleges and universities require all the men to take a course on how to prevent rape, enthusiastic consent, and how to respect/protect women before they are allowed to attend those educational institutions - they are literally forced to take these courses or be denied entry.

This is not freedom, this is the removal of individual freedoms by imposing an ideological belief system onto others by force. It is the product of an ideology where it's adherents insist that their rights and freedoms trump those of all others for the greater good. If you think it sounds like something out of George Orwell's 1984, you'd unfortunately be correct. And sadly that is where we are headed now - into a time where individual rights and freedoms are being taken away for 'the greater good', and people are understandably starting to fight back.

The reasons for Mann's murder have yet to be determined in a court of law, but it seems that she was murdered by a man who had been pushed too far. He was her roommate and on the UMWs rugby team, which was disbanded because of a stupid drunken chant that only 8 members of that rugby team engaged in at an off-campus party which ended up offending one person who was attending. That offended person got the UMWs Feminists United Club involved, of which Mann was a proud and vocal member, and they complained to the university. The complaint and pressure from the Feminists United Club ultimately ended with the disbanding of the entire rugby team and the ultimate vilification of all the members as misogynists and enablers of rape-culture, even though it was only 8 members that participated in the actual chant. They were all found guilty by association regardless of any of the facts. Once again men were being told they are all bad and being held collectively responsible for how others feel.

At no time did Mann or any other members of Feminists United call the actual authorities to report a crime, even though they have stated numerous times that they felt 'unsafe' and 'threatened'. These women were relying on others - the university - to protect them, when they could have taken some personal responsibility and called the police to investigate their claims. A university is not a police station, nor is it equipped to handle these types of legal situations. Since when did universities become a place for any legal recourse or protection? These are educational institutions, not court houses or policing institutions. But feminism has made women believe that everyone is responsible for their ultimate happiness, safety and security without helping themselves in any productive or responsible way.

The ridiculous message that feminism sends to young women like Grace Mann is that these educational institutions are somehow supposed to act as replacement parents - that colleges and universities are places where they will be protected and catered to whenever they feel bad, sad, or offended - like parents caring for small children. But colleges and universities are not parents and these women are not children - at least not children in the sense that they are over the age of 18, and therefor expected to act like adults.

There is no emphasis on the part of feminism that actually advocates for any personal responsibility on the part of women  - the responsibility for women to protect themselves because that would be seen as 'blaming the victim'. The message that feminism promotes is that women should be able to say or do whatever they like, and the rest of the world must take up the slack and be the responsible ones who cater to their every demand and protect them. But reality is that the world just doesn't work that way.

These women are being sold a lie - a feminist utopian dream - and in the process are not being taught how to stand up for themselves, how to protect themselves, or how to act like responsible adults. In essence they are being taught and encouraged to be perpetual victims - and that is ultimately how feminism continues to thrive - by churning out victims which they must then advocate for.

One tweet I saw about the murder of Grace Mann was the perfect example of this need for more victims:

The word 'finally' is really the telling part - it is saying that feminists like the author of that tweet were hoping, waiting, and encouraging this type of horrible event to happen, and now that it has, they can justify the need for feminism even more. This is how feminism's perpetual victim machine works.

If feminism actually taught women how to be personally responsible, to be self-sufficient and genuinely strong independent adults, then feminism would no longer be necessary in the First World. Women would no longer need to constantly blame others or require others to prop them up because they would be able to advocate for their own problems themselves - that is real empowerment, and something that feminism does not want because it would mean that feminism would no longer be really needed here.

Grace Mann was indeed a victim - a victim of feminism's ideological bullshit that filled her head with these ideas based on female entitlement, privilege, and false feminist narratives. She was lied to and led to believe that being a feminist in today's society meant that a women's feelings, comfort levels, and these first-world feminist narratives were the most important things to fight for or against, when in reality they are nothing more than tools that feminism uses to appear needed or useful here. They are the boogeymen and demons born of first-world feminism, and designed to keep believers in a state of constant fear and need for feminism's 'salvation'. 

If you want to know who is responsible for the things first-world feminism claims to fight against, like 'rape culture', sexism against women, toxic 'masculinity', 'objectification', dis-empowerment, oppression, etc... then look to feminism. They are the ones who have created and labeled these problems, they are the ones who perpetuate them, and they are the ones who benefit most from them all. It's a vicious cycle with an enormous victim count - exactly what is needed to feed the feminist machine.

I feel bad about Grace Mann's death - no one deserves to be murdered like she was - but to say I am surprised that it happened would be completely dishonest of me. I knew it would be just a matter of time before someone got completely fed-up with the self-righteous, entitled, 'all men are bad' attitudes and narratives that feminism constantly cultivates and promotes. I knew that, the more feminism moved into colleges and onto campuses, the more it would demand special treatment and privileges at the expense of others - mostly men. Eventually people are going to get fed-up with being treated like second-class citizens and savages, and fight back. All one needs to do is look to history and see what happens when you oppress and vilify people long enough.

So before you accuse men and things like 'toxic masculinity' or 'rape culture' for being the problems and reasons for Mann's death, perhaps it's time we stepped back and looked honestly and critically at the bigger picture. Perhaps it's time to acknowledge that men are indeed getting fed-up with being constantly told they are inherently bad - that they are basically savages from birth that need to be civilized - and that they then must also carry the burden of being responsible for the safety and well-being of all women at the same time. Perhaps we need to realize that placing all the burden and blame on the shoulders of one group of people will eventually lead to push-back - to a refusal to be seen as savages or 'others'.

Is it any wonder why some young men are snapping and lashing out at women? Their whole lives have been one constant and consistent message of 'you're a bad person because you are male'. It's not funny, or 'ironic', and it's not a joke to men, just like rape jokes aren't considered to be funny to feminists in any context.

When you are told something often enough you begin to believe it, and eventually you give up fighting it and become the monster everyone told you you were.

It really shouldn't be that surprising to anyone that this 'finally' happened.

Written by Kristina Hansen
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