Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Personal Responsibility - The Special Snowflake Syndrome

Ok, I'll say it - I am fed-up with schools demanding that kids not bring certain foods to school because a handful of kids have various food allergies.

My 7 year old came home today saying a little boy in her class is allergic to apples, so now she can't bring any more apples or apple related products to school any more. Another food item to cross off the list because another kid has an allergy - because his parents and the school can't be bothered to teach him any personal responsibility. So now all the other kids get 'punished' because of this one child that is being treated as some sort of special snowflake that deserves special kid-glove treatment.

In my day kids brought peanut butter sandwiches, egg and milk products, apples, etc... to school, and no one demanded that we be responsible for other kids allergies. Those kids were taught to be wary of certain foods, how to spot them, and they carried Epi-Pens with them just in case they had a reaction to something. They were taught personal responsibility from a very young age, to keep themselves safe, and amazingly no one died from the food allergies they had. They were vigilant and careful. They were responsible. They didn't expect to be molly-coddled or treated any differently than the other kids.

Today, too many parents expect the world to cater to their children because of this entitled attitude where no one has to practice personal responsibility, especially their precious little children. Those special snowflakes are being taught that it's the rest of the world that has to be responsible for them, instead of teaching them to be responsible for themselves - you know, teaching them that the world doesn't owe them anything, and that the world, when they leave school, doesn't give a rat's ass about their allergies or problems.

The world is a harsh place, and no one is doing these kids any favors by teaching them they don't need to be responsible for themselves, or to think of themselves as special snowflakes. The reality is that they are not any more special than anyone else, and if you are going to be a decent parent you need to teach them how to be responsible for themselves, and not rely on everyone else to constantly take care of them.

I am lactose intolerant, and if I have ingest even the slightest bit of milk, or milk product, without taking 4-5 Lactaid pills, I am in absolute agony for hours. And even then, depending on how much milk I have ingested in a 24 hour period, my pills may not completely prevent a reaction to the lactose. I've been dealing with this from about the age of 4. So you know what I did, and still do? I ask if there is milk or milk products in food I have not cooked. I read ingredients lists, avoid foods that I am not sure of, take my pills everywhere I go, and don't expect the world to cater to my digestive issues. I know I have to be responsible for me, and I was taught that from a very early age. I have never demanded any special treatment because I have always been responsible enough to take care of myself in this regard, even when I was a child. My parents taught me personal responsibility, like responsible parents should, and now I teach it to my kids so they don't expect or demand any special treatment from others, or feel it is somehow owed to them.

Parents need to stop relying on the rest of the world to keep their special little snowflakes safe. The real problem is this new generation of entitled parents who demand that society cater to their, and their children's, every whim. They don't want to have any personal responsibility, and they don't want to parent their kids in any real responsible way. They basically want a free ride on the backs of everyone else, because, reasons. We now have a whole generation of irresponsible parents who don't have a clue how to parent, pretending to parent their kids.

I for one am not here to take care of your kids - I have my own to take care of already, thank you. Start acting like a real parent and teach your kids some personal responsibility, because I'll be damned if I am going to raise my kids to take care of yours. Your kids aren't special snowflakes, but if you continue to treat them as such I can guarantee you they will grow up to be lazy and entitled brats, if they aren't already.

Written by Kristina Hansen
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