Friday, 1 May 2015

The MRM's Anti-Feminist Bullshit Attitude - How is This Helping Men?

I put up a video earlier that pointed out the serious lack of action and activism on behalf of men from most self-proclaimed MRAs, AVFM, and the HoneyBadgers. I asked for people to help a man, Jim, who is in need of serious assistance in getting his daughter back, instead of funding something so fucking ridiculous as the HoneyBadgers Comic Expo fiasco.

I got a few comments so far, but one of the comments was quite telling with regards to the 'MRM'. The part I found to be quite representative of far too many mindsets within the MRM was the following:

(The HoneyBadgers comic expo 'case', if successful will help to) 'hasten the collapse of feminism in the public mind, thereby helping men in the long run.'

And this is where I have to stop everyone and be completely blunt, because no one else is – Anti-feminism will not, and does not, help any men suffering right now. It's a great pie-in-the-sky long-term goal, but it doesn't do shit all for any men right now, and now is when people like Jim need our help. Not when the 'collapse of feminism' happens, but now. Feminism has been around for decades, and you think it's going away any time soon because of people like the HoneyBadgers? What planet are you seriously living on?

Do you think men who are suffering right now, at this very moment, care about this supposed future collapse of feminism? No. They need help right now, not months, years, or decades from now, but right fucking now.

This bullshit idea that being an anti-feminist is somehow helping men right now is, well bullshit. It's a fucking cop-out to do nothing. To simply hate on feminists. That's all that is.

Go tell a homeless man that you are working on helping him by yelling at feminists and waiting for feminism to collapse, and he'll laugh in your face. He doesn't give a shit about your privileged and delusional ideas of how this supposedly helps men. And that's what this ultimately is – a bunch of privileged, delusional, people who can't understand what real suffering is, and who think this anti-feminist bullshit actually does anything for men who are indeed suffering.

I don't see anyone bringing forth huge campaigns, rally's, marches, or real collective activism for any legislative change, or anything of the sort. We've had years to do something, anything, and nothing has been done. Not a fucking thing. And when people do try to do something real, they either get ignored, or shot down.

So what do men really get? Some anti-feminists going to a comics expo to argue with random no-name feministsl and promote GamerGate in the hopes of seeing feminism collapse? A website that writes 'satirical' articles? A bunch of people making YouTube videos ridiculing and bitching about feminists? How in the fucking hell does any of that help men? How? Again, this does absolutely nothing for people like Jim who need help now.

Enough is enough with this tired cop-out of anti-feminist 'activism', and this absolute disregard for men who need our help now. If all you want to do is go yell at feminists and try to justify it as some sort of righteous 'activism' for men, fine, but don't try to equate that with helping men in any real way. You don't like feminists? Well neither do I, but bitching about them constantly, and hoping for some sort of utopian feminist collapse is not helpful to men now, and I don't care how much you want to insist it is.

You really want to fight feminism and get results? Then get involved in real things like men's homeless shelters, men's health clinics, men's charities and groups. Put your money, time and activism into existing programs to help them grow and become more visible to the public. Lobby VAWA for funds that are, yes, actually available for men's programs. Oh, you didn't know that VAWA had such a thing? Well no wonder, since all we ever seem to hear is bitching about them instead of the honest truth of how we could use them to our advantage.

“Violence Against Women Act applies to all victims of domestic violence, irrespective of their gender. Nothing in the act denies services, programs, funding or assistance to male victims of violence. - VAWA funds continue to be available for services provided to victims regardless of gender, and male victims frequently receive help from VAWA-funded programs.”

But yuck, we'd have to work with the icky feminists. Well this isn't supposed to be about you and your anti-feminist views – it's supposed to be about helping men, right?

With these types of ignorant self-serving attitudes, no wonder the MRM is a joke and men are still suffering.

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission