Friday, 29 May 2015

Toxic Feminists and Toxic Feminism - The 4th Wave

I am fed-up with feminists and their never ending demands to be seen as perpetual victims while they themselves victimize everyone around them for their own selfish purposes. There is no better way to describe them than as the toxic ideologues they have become. I am simply going to call them 'Toxic Feminists' from now on, because that is the most accurate description of what they have now become - poisonous, infectious, and malicious ideologues.

These Toxic Feminists see everything as a 'threat', 'sexist' or 'terrifying'. Nothing is acceptable to these ideologues who constantly see harassment, abuse, sexism, oppression, and rape everywhere and in everything - nothing is left untouched by Toxic Feminism these days.

People are afraid to speak up or say anything that may offend or upset these hyper-sensitive Toxic Feminists because they know they will likely be attacked and vilified by the toxic masses. Nowhere is this more evident than on college and university campuses where the slightest written or spoken word, or innocuous action can propel the toxic masses into a frenzy because it 'offended' them in some way. They can now demand that anyone who offends them in any way be brought up on Title IX 'charges' - which is similar to the Spanish Inquisition where you are considered guilty until proven innocent and you must prove your innocence for charges/accusations you are not even privy to.

Toxic Feminism infects the minds of young women (and men) by masquerading as a moral cause. It tells these young women that their feelings and emotions are more important than anything else - that a woman's emotional well-being supersedes others rights, the law, facts, evidence, and rational thought. A woman's emotional state is more important than any of those things, and keeping women emotionally 'safe' is all that matters now, nothing else. We have entered a time where a woman's emotions, perceptions, and feelings trump all else, and everyone has to acquiesce to her desires and demands or be vilified. We have entered a time where proverbial pitchforks and torches are once again being used to hunt down and destroy the monsters that terrify the toxic masses.

Toxic Feminism has not empowered women, but rather has made them into perpetual victims of their own ideologically driven delusions. Toxic Feminism has created an army of damsels in distress demanding that everyone save them from the evil patriarchy, which is also an ideologically driven delusion based on Toxic Feminist concepts like 'toxic masculinity', 'rape-culture', and the 'gender binary'. Young girls are being taught that ignoring societal rules is now considered to be 'smashing the patriarchy' instead of asking for favoritism, and we are slowly witnessing a devolvement into an anarchist-type of society that only applies to women - where they can do anything they please without fear of consequence.

Toxic Feminism has infected all aspects of our modern lives and is currently the dominant ideology, and it is a mechanism of social control--like any other religion. It dictates how the majority of the population must think about the nature of, and their places in, society.

'Feminism' and 'feminists' are no longer appropriate terms in today's climate. These new 'feminists' are not the old-school feminists who were concerned with 'equality', 'empowering women', or 'equity'. These are Toxic Feminists pushing an agenda to reverse the social order - to 'feminize' men and 'masculinize' women. They want to remove men from places like colleges and universities which leads to them being uneducated and forced to rely on women for everything. Toxic Feminism wants to subjugate men because they think that men can do or say anything with impunity, so they want to turn it around and be the ones who can do or say anything with impunity. The problem is that men have never been able to say or do whatever they liked with impunity - this is just a delusion on the part of Toxic Feminists which is a central tenet of their ideology - their secular religion.

These delusions are the driving forces behind Toxic Feminism, and are responsible for the rampant and massive shifts we are now seeing in modern-day society. These shifts are moving at such lightning fast speeds that no one outside of Toxic Feminism's ideology seems to be able to keep up with every new 'demand' or 'rule' these Toxic Feminists want to capriciously impose on all.

But where did Toxic Feminism come from? What caused old-school feminism to morph into this 4th wave disaster built on rape hysteria and entitlement?

When feminism began, the Suffragettes and women fighting for real equality in areas like the law, human rights, and employment, fought against real oppression and inequality. They knew what those terms truly meant and did not conflate them to mean anything different. They knew what it was to be denied basic human rights and to be seen as second-class citizens - to be truly oppressed in society. Because of their bravery, tenacity, and strength, women in the western-world now enjoy all the rights they could ever want, and more. But today's young women have nothing left to really fight for and have no idea what real oppression, inequality, sexism, or misogyny really are since they have grown-up in a society that had already given them everything they could ask for.

Today's young women want to feel important and strong, like those first and second wave feminists, but because there really is nothing left for them to fight for, here in the western-world, they have had to invent problems and conflate terms to create a new narrative of what they think oppression, sexism, misogyny and inequality are - since they have never experienced anything remotely close to the true definitions of those terms. This is where Toxic Feminism and the current moral panics it promotes were born - it's a response to an identity crisis of epic proportions.

There is no way out of this unless people start challenging these Toxic Feminists and their toxic ideology publicly. We need to have another massive shift, an uprising, to protect our youth from this new secular religion before it is too late. We've already witnessed the beginning of a totalitarian state being born from this Toxic Feminism, and unless we denounce it en masse it will only continue to infect more of our society and chip away at all our rights until we are left with a society ruled by fear, delusions, and this modern toxic wave of secular religious madness.

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission