Friday, 1 May 2015

When Your Ego Can't Fit Through the Door

I recently put up a video asking for people to help a man (Jim), who needs to hire a lawyer in order to get his daughter back. I reached out to Diana Davison, John the Other, and RBK in the hopes that they could put their personal hatred of me aside for a moment in order to help someone else. The only one I have not yet heard from is RBK, so please know that the following does not apply to him, since I have no idea what his response will be to my request.

As for John and Diana, I have to say I am disappointed but not surprised. I was hoping they could put aside their personal issues and massive egos, just for a moment, in order to help Jim. But even that simple task is too monumental for them to accomplish.

And this is exactly what is wrong in the manosphere. This egotistical, selfish, and childish attitude where personal feelings, drama, and petty grievances are more fucking important than others in need of help. This childish refusal to work together for the needs of others just because we may not entirely like, or even hate, the person next to us.

I don't need to like you, hell I can outright hate you, but I am willing to put all that aside to help someone else in need, because that is ultimately more important than any bullshit feelings I may have towards you. How is this so fucking hard for people to do? It needs to change.

Until people in the manosphere grow up and learn to act like adults, nothing will get done. And you know who suffers? Men like Jim.

So fuck you and your personal bullshit. Grow up and start acting like fucking adults. This is not supposed to be about us, this is supposed to be about others. Or am I the only one who actually gives a shit around here?

Written by Kristina Hansen
*** No re-prints without permission