Friday, 3 March 2017

The Bearing Trolls are Still Trying... And Still Failing

So recently it has been brought to my attention that Bearings little trolls are still trying desperately to find more "dirt" on me, which is both absolutely hilarious, and quite sad. Don't they have anything in their lives that is more important than spending hours online creating conspiracy theories about me?

Of course not...

So what they found was this:

OMG!! It's a conspiracy man!! I wrote a blog post and then made a new account the very next day!!

Except it wasn't a new account dumbasses.

What happened was I deleted my primary account and then immediately realized that if I did that I also lost my Gmail account etc... OOPS! I'm not exactly familiar with how all this Google integrated shit works. So I immediately restored my account so I wouldn't lose my gmail, which is my primary email used for just about everything. Losing that would have been a pain in the ass.

And guess what? When you restore an account it puts the date of the RESTORATION as the "Joined' date on YouTube. Imagine that?

I then changed the name to "Just Me" on the 21st because I was still getting hate through that account. And then 6 hours ago I decided to change the name to "Just Me TWBB" because I am thinking about maybe starting to make videos again soon. Why? Because I miss it and, fuck you! That's why.

MY GOD!! She is plotting to... Um... Something... Ya...

So to all the lonely trolls online searching for anything about me to create ridiculous conspiracy theories around, get a fucking life. Seriously! Go fuck a rubber doll, whack off, or eat another bag of Cheetos. Anything! Is your life that empty and devoid of any actual meaning that this is what you do with your copious amounts of spare time? Of course it is. God forbid you losers should ever do something that doesn't entail digging up anything you can on people you know nothing about just to score "KEKs" with other losers that do the same thing. How pathetic is that? Let me tell you... It's pretty fucking pathetic, which is why you guys are losers and no one, other than other losers like you, will ever take you seriously.

Enjoy! :D